moveline to empty line fails

Hi all,

consider the following html fragment:

  <TD valign="top" align="right"><i>foo</i></TD>
<TD><b>Bold text</b>
  <TD valign="top" align="right"><i>next row</i></TD>
<TD><b>Bold text</b>

Assuming further that the current position is at the first

tag. If now a "moveline 3" jumps behind the first and the target line is empty (i.e. just consists of a carriage return and/or newline) then the script will fail with this error "ERROR(Lnnn/moveline): line does not exist".

A bug?


Try moveline 3 1

Or the best thing is to avoid moveline if possible

What is the meaning of the second argument?
An absolute column number?

Yes, of course. But that's not always possible,
especially in situations where a simple
findline "foo" will eventually fail because "foo"
is optional and the parsing will be aborted too
The conditionals like IF and WHILE only compare
the text at the current position to the argument, so
its sometimes a bit tricky to move around the web
source data if it has many optional components which
may or may not be there.

Anyway, please let me know if there is documentation,
a manual or tutorial which is more up-to-date than the
one which is deployed with the programm. I'm sure
that my script can be improved...

Thanks again,

If you add a 1 as last argument, the script will not terminate if moveline goes in an empty line.
You can also use it on findline and findinline
findline 1 1 or findinline 1 1 (you need two numbers here because they have an optional parameter)
If findinline fails, the pointer will jump to the end of the row.

Have a look at my discogs or AMG scripts as example.

And no, there is no futher documentation available at the moment.

Thanks a lot! Knowing that this should work with findline and findinline should
help me a lot. It will probably allow me to replace some strange moveline/if
jumps with cleaner findline/findinline equivalents.

Apropos - 'saynextnumber' - what exactly is it supposed to do? I bet you know
how it works, don't you :-; ?


It should just output the next number. No parameters.

More command infos maybe in the next days.