Moving a file between two directories included in MP3Tag without the need to refresh the display


I'm using MP3Tag v3.00 and Windows 10.

My working process consists of correcting the tag of MP3 files and moving them between two directories. The first directory includes the files before the tag processing and the second is where I move the files after the processing.

In the software I'm using now, I open two instances of the software, one for each of the directories. In the instance of the software that shows the uncorrected MP3s, for each MP3 I edit the tag and then "move" the MP3 to the second directory. Every now and then, I refresh the second directory and check the list of MP3s.

I'd like to move this process to MP3Tag.

  1. After reading many old and recent threads, I'm pretty sure that multiple instances won't happen in the near future so I have to work with one list that includes both directories.

  2. Using the filter to separate between the two directories is complicated because I need the filter to find each MP3 to be processed and a complex filter is a source of problems. But anyway I can live with the filter problem and still do the tag correction.

  3. My problem is the "move" stage. When I move the MP3, it disappears from the source directory but it does not appear in the target directory. So, to see the MP3 in the target directory I do a "refresh" and, since the "refresh" operation refreshes not only the target directory - which is quite small - but also the source directory with its tens of thousands of records, it takes too much time and spoils all my processing that should take a few seconds for each MP3.

I wonder if there's a way to move the MP3 between the two directories included in MP3Tag and still see the moved MP3 in the target directory without refreshing.


Have you seen this HowTo?

and if so: where do you get stuck?

It seems to work although I'm not using tag placeholders but ".." and just text. I'll check it a bit more.

Thanks for now.