Moving artist from parentheses in song title to artist field

Just picked up another iPod classic on eBay and it had some really cool songs and some I'd rather just delete but the ones that I want to keep I have some issues with their id3 tag.

I exported all the songs using a 3rd party tool and when I load them up in Mp3Tag a good portion of the songs are properly formatted. However, there are some songs where the artists name is in the title of the song in parentheses.

Basically it looks like this in the program.

Artist: Various
Title: You're Next In Line For A Miracle (Shirley Caesar)

So I want to take all the artist names from that parentheses and move it to the artist field. Once the name is moved I would like to delete the parentheses as well.

Can someone please explain what type of action script I need to create to do this? I searched the forums and most of the searches dealing with parentheses is to get rid of the information in them. I just want to move them from Title to Artist field.

Thank you!

Make yourself a "guess value" action
Select TITLE as source, then enter as mask
%title% (%artist%)

THis should move "You're Next In Line For A Miracle" to title and "Shirley Caesar" to artist.

That really worked out well and so quickly too. I'm impressed. One more question please.

I noticed in MP3Tag that the Album Artist still has Various listed on all the tracks, how can I now copy the name of the Artist to the Album Artist field?

Thank you for taking the time to help me out. I really appreciate it.

Tis is one of the (very) FAQs: