Mp3 files are turned into temp files

I am putting cover art on my mp3 files and have been getting a problem. Some of my files won't let me put the art on, and then the files are turned into temp files that i cannot access anywhere. Is there a solution to my problem. Also, can anyone tell me how to convert that temp file back into the mp3 file?

Have you checked the file size of the temp files? If they're the same as the original file then under windows folder options enable view extensions. You will see what extension the file has been nemed. Simply replace '.temp' (for example) to '.mp3'.

Then download a program called 'mp3val' and run the files through it. It fixes problems with mp3's. See their website for full details.

Try putting cover art on again.

This problem has been reported a number of times, but it doesn't look like anybody cares about. It looks like this happens only to very few users, because there would be more complaints about it if it was more widespread.

Here is my description of the problem: /t/10398/1

And here is a workaround solution: Not possible to change filename w/ extension via file view.

Another workaround solution is by using a bat file with a REN command for a tool in Mp3tag.

Unfortunately the OP does not tell which OS he uses.
I take a shot in the dark:
It is XP.
So I would consider this behaviour to be the other incarnation of the problem that we see in Win7 when files are edited via the context menu from Windows Explorer and/or other applications that watch the folders are currently running.
It is an access problem. Either due to the permissions or due to blocking mechanisms.
The workaround so far has been not to use the context menu but to open files from within MP3tag.
Might be worth a try.

I have had major issues with different flavors of Windoze Explorer destroying my tags, and now strongly recommend not using any Microsoft-written software for tagged media files.