Mp3 files corrupted after tagging


So I downloaded v2.81 for W10 on my PC, because almost none of my mp3s were displaying the artist/album info. I spent about 6 hours tagging every album, without actually bothering to check if everything was alright. When I finally got around to testing them, the music apps throw up error 0xc00d36c4, meanig the file is corrupted. I couldn't figure out what the issue was but I decided to remove the tags and voila, the files were clean and worked. Tried searching the forum for similar issues but apparently no one else seems to have encountered this particular issue. Help! I'm going crazy with disorganised music on my phone.

see /t/17519/1
or here /t/4036/1
or here /t/14751/1

Well, ive tried everything the first link says. My files aren't corrupted before the mp3tag conversion. I downloaded a new track and changed the tag and that doesn't work either. Like I said, the moment I remove the tags, the files play again.

What does the analyzing program say after you tagged a file?

Well, on mp3tag I get the "saved tag for x of x songs" message. But when played on groove/itunes, the message says "cannot play file because file seems to be misplaced or corrupted." And the error code appears.

Could you check a tagged file with Mp3diags, mp3val or foobar2000?

So I ran mp3val and it says filename extension error. So I fixed it, and yet it still doesn't play.

Choose a file that you believe will become damaged after being tagged by Mp3tag.
Attach the file to your next post, or provide a link to a file sharing service.
Maybe somebody will find a problem in the file.

So it was named as MP3 and it isn't a MP3?
Which extension has the file now?

As MP3tag does not modify the extension, it means to me that the extension was the wrong one before.
So, your statement

is at least dubious.
What happens to files that have a "fixed" extension (I wonder how you know which extension is right) when you tag them with MP3tag?
And: is the player that you use actually capable of playing that file "new" format? It could well be that your player relies on the extension and as it apparently is no MP3 file, it produces the error message.

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