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I have some issues in modifying mp3 files in order to have the tags displayed by my integrated car cd-player. It seems my car supports up to version 2.3, with 1-byte char encoding.

I have set the following options (tools -> options -> tags -> mpeg):

  • Read: all set
  • Write: only ID3v1 set (to be on the safe side)
  • Remove: ID3v2 and APE set

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Initially, I had a set of mp3 files with ID3 tags v2.4.

  1. Using a different set of options, I modified the tags of all files to version v2.3 (with ISO-8859-1 encoding).
  2. Then I decided to use only version 1, and set the options as described above.

Now all files have the following string in the 'tag' field:

ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3)

Please see the attached screenshot

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I am not an expert of ID3 tags, so I don't understand what that string means: does it mean the files contain two types of tags? However, I would like to have only one type of tag, specifically v1.

Is it possible?

I don't think that it is necessary to have only ID3v1-tags.
It should be o.k. to have both ID3v2.3 and ID3v1 to get the best compatibility to older hardware-players.
The majority of the non "pre-historic" hardware-players should even get along with ID3v2.3.
I write this because you are very much limited with ID3v1.

To get rid of the other formats with your settings in "Remove" it is only necessary to remove the tags once. (Red cross icon or STRG+R or Menue "Remove Tag" ...)

To be sure that you have all possible inmformation stored in the ID3v1-tag you should save them all again before you remove any tag.

I would not delete the V2-versions. V1 has severe restrictions in respect to field length, character encoding and at all available fields. E.g. you would not be able to embed a cover picture in V1.

Coming to your questions:
Yes, the files in your screenshot have both tags: V1 and V2 and what you see is the contents of the V2 fields.
I would use V2.3 UTF16.
And for your car player i would create a copy of the original files and save V1 tags only, if this is what it needs. This would mean that you copy the files first to a separate folder or a thumb drive, reload the copied ones in MP3tag with the settings to only read and write V1 tags but to delete all others, select all files and press Ctrl-S to save the tags.
If that does not work, then cut the tags and paste them right afterwards.

Both does not work in order to remove the other tags he does not don't want to keep anymore. (ID3v2.3 and APE)
You have to remove them.

This is what my manual says:

site to upload photos

site to upload photos

As you can see, it is not able to display the cover art.

Now I have encoded them in v2.3 (with iso-8859-1), without v1. I'll check what the car says.

Thank you!!!

This message just in case you are interested.

Even if the tags respect version 2.3 according to the mp3tag tool, they don't according to my car. It was not showing the tags.

I don't know if the car complains about the tag version or about the char encoding, or if the car audio manual is simply wrong. Unfortunately, I have no error messages to report.

There is still this thread about unicode: /t/2785/1
But I think you already took care of that.