mp3 player not reading cover art :(

Hey guys! I have a problem. The covers that I put on my mp3 files using Mp3tag 2.49 are shown/read in Mp3tag and windows media player, which is great, but some files that I put on, don't read when I play them on my mp3 :frowning: So what can be the reasons for that? And how do I solve that problem?

Sounds like a memory issue with your player. The settings I use for an iPod classic are files at 1000x1000px or 500x500px (whichever Is better quality) with a file size of no greater than 200kb.

Irfan view has a great little batcher to resize your jpegs.

Hit F3 in mp3tag and keep it active until your finished with my explanation.

Use the filter: %_cover_size% GREATER 204800

See for arguments sake if the same releases are giving trouble on your device.

Step 1:

Name of action group: &Other#&Export cover TO file (PATH- Root Folder %album%)

Action type: Export cover to file
Format string for image filename: %album%.jpg

[ ] Export duplicate covers

Step 2:

Use windows explorer and search the ext .jpg at the root folder of your .mp3 library and sort by filesize. Target the files greater than 200kb. Use Irfan view to change them to the same specs as above and then: Step 3:

Name of action group: &Other#&Import cover FROM file (PATH- Root Folder %album%)

Action type: Import cover from file
Format string for image filename: %album%.jpg

[x] Delete existing cover art

Hope this helps.

I have a Sandisk Sansa player and the album art will only show up if the cover size is less than 32 KB. So I resize the album art to around 300 x 300 and less than 32 KB.

Try a few different sizes to see what works best with your player.

IrfanView has the RIOT plugin, which can compress image to specified size.
Other image processors might do the same work.


Thanks so much! Problem is completely fixed now :slight_smile: YOU ROCK!

Something else to watch out for when adding images is that not all players support progressive jpegs. Irfanview's image properties window will show whether a jpeg file is progressive.