MP3 tag compatability

I found the following question on the BSI Simian forum:

"I've been working on importing MP3s to our music library - transcoding infact (I know - aweful) - and I've noticed that sometimes SoundHound will not import an audio file - and even Info Editor will not open it. Both give an error that says "Bad Audio Data" - and I assume the problem lies with how the songs have been tagged.

What version of ID3 does Simian recognize? In the past, I've used mp3tag ( to tag some songs - and afterwords, have recieved the error.

Does Simian recognized ID3v2 - and if so - is the format UTF-16 or ISO-8859-1?"

I've also noticed that the mp3 files that I've tagged (APE) with mp3tag give the same error. They contain additional information for StationPlaylist and mp3Gain. Could this be the reason?


Did you ask the prdocuers of these products the same questions? I mean they should know what their software can do and what not...

You must try yourself. Change the options as described here.

Could be. Try it without the APE tags and you'll know.