MP3 Tags Editing on External Hard Drive

Hello Community,
Have a problem with editing mp3 tags. hope you can help
Due to space restrictions I keep my Music library on an external USB hard drive (Transcend).
I can do everything with my music while it's on the external hard drive (listen, change names) except edit MP3 tags.
I can't edit it with Windows 10's Music Groove nor with MP3TAG.
In Music Groove the changes are just not saved without any explanation.
in MP3TAG I get the message "File cannot be opened for writing".
when I copy the files to the local hard drive there is no issue. but it's very annoying to have to copy every time files from the external drive to the local one and back just to change a few details of mp3 tags.
there are no other issues with the external drive and I can change data on it freely except for mp3 tags.

Is this problem well known? I couldn't find any mention of it in Google or in this forum.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

See here how to deal with "file cannot be opened for writing":

Thank you for the reply.

The "Owner" indeed showed a cryptic number and the current user name, and I was able to change the owner but it didn't help.
I changed the Owner to my my user name, then to Administrator and to "Creator Owner". I also tried changing permissions, giving full control to anyone I changed the owner to. nothing helped. I still can't change the MP3 tag on the external hard drive. am I doing something wrong?
other ideas?
Thank you

do you still get the same error message?
I can't think of anything else but that the access rights do not match.
So whether it is possible to have a whole drive as read only I don't know, but I doubt it as you can change the access attributes.
Could it be that a virus scanner or something like that blocks access?
Or to cut it short: I doubt that this has anything to do with MP3tag but is a problem of your local configuration of WIndows. The way to get the access right straight is described in the link that you already followed. Usually things are ok afterwards.
Does the drive have its own user-management?

Thank you for the reply.

Yes. I still get the same error message.
this is a new computer with a new Windows 10 installed on it. the virus scanner is Windows 10's Windows Defender and I haven't changed anything in it, so I don't believe it blocks access, but I don't know.
I don't if the drive has its own user-management. I don't what it means.
Thank you

Please follow the instructions on the Microsoft page.
Set the new access rights and ownership to the root folder and all sub-ordinate folders.
If in doubt, use the functions to publish the root folder for everyone.

Esp. with inherited collections from older OS it may well be that the access rights are not uptodate.
Still, handling access rights is a task for the OS.