Mp3Tag & Album Art Downloader Tut

Another faster way of batch downloading album art is using a new tool called DisCoverArt.
DisCoverArt is a command line tool to download albumart (coverart) for mp3 music files based on artist and title or album.
The target audience are people who have organized their music collection in a single track artist+title way iso based on albums or album directories.
This tool can be used stand-alone, but it was aimed to be used in conjunction with mp3tag.
See this topic: /t/14521/1

I can't believe I just found this thread. I've been using ADD and Mp3tag for years separately.

I made a small tweak to return all the jpg images in the local folder and all subfolders (I keep all original scans in a "scans" folder in the album dir), before it was only returning them if they matched the search and it would not return the subfolders images.

I set AAD to "group by local" and "sort by size" and use a couple select scripts ( and local) to "search first"

this way I can rapidly see what I have and what needs to be updated