Mp3tag Auth error

Having a little trouble here. I have Mp3tag on my desktop and my laptop. It runs on the desktop without any issues and connects to discogs just fine. However, on the laptop it has recently been sending me the Auth error with version 3.08. I verify with discogs site and insert code and tagged on folder but then when I went back to it, it gave me the error again. I revoked and the same thing happened! I tagged one folder then the error came back. I then uninstalled 3.08 and installed 3.02. Same thing, code from discogs, tagged on folder then it started throwing the Auth error back at me again. Anyone had a similar issue? Drivin me nuts.... :slight_smile:

Have you checked the system clock on the laptop?

Hello...thanks. I will try that..

System clock all fine, if anyone has any idea why this is happening please let me know!

as you do not tell us which error message you get, I cannot be any more specific. See e.g. this thread:

and if that does not help, please use the search function. I bet that most authorization problems with discogs have been discussed already.

Checked these threads and will investigate further but no ref to this code and searched before posting here. When I boot up laptop I can tag one folder then I gt hit with this...

see e.g. here:

and BTW: the current MP3tag version is 3.08. Perhaps an update from 3.02 will help.

Or have a look at this thread:

ohrenkino. I downgraded to 3.02 as the problem started with 3.08. Thanks for all your help. I've just cleaned up registry which someone mentioned on one of the threads you posted. It seems to have worked, tagged 4 albums in a row! Hopefully thats it. Once again, thanks for your help!

I spoke too soon, can now tag 3 to 4 albums before the error returns. Will have a good look around past posts here before giving up...If anyone else has had this error please let me know..

Just noticed the error message: are you on a stable internet connection?

Yeah. It times out quite quickly and on my desktop machine no problems at all, just this Dell laptop, I'm starting to wonder if the Dell software might be the problem? I use another program which runs on desktop ok but has stopped running on the laptop too...I'll keep trying and will post a solution here in case anyone else has the same issue. Thanks Florian.

You can also check your timeout settings at Tools → Options → Network. 10 seconds is the default.