MP3tag automatic downloads directory

Hi When I click on the Mp3tag icon on my computer, the program loads, no problem, but when it´s loaded it automatically reads the directory, that loads ´whatever´is finds ?

What do I need to tick to stop this happening each and everytime
Thank you

Have a look at the documentation:

Hi Sorry new to this so forgive me for asking where do I find the Documentation?

Either at the top right of this page labelled Docs or press F1 in MP3tag.
And I was so kind to link the probably fitting topic in my post - you only have to click on it.

Thanks but I am not a computer wizz kid, so I´m having difficulty knowing what to do, all I´d like is to stop the directory loading whatever it finds when I click on the Mp3tag logo

So, which of the options that you can set for a starting directory puzzles you?

I have an icon on my laptop, I click on the icon and it loads Mp3tag, which then loads documentaion it finds on my laptop, I´d like to stop it loading these documents if possible

Aren't we going round in circles?
I kindly asked you to have a look at a topic in the documentation - a topic that should answer your question.
I would have expected you to try the described function and see if that works out for you.
And if it does not, you would have to either tell us or show us with a screendump what you have configured.

Yes I agree we are going round in circles, I´m not understand you nore you me,
Please understand I am not a computer geek, you said look at your documents, there are lots of them.
I was hoping someone would point me in the right directions, saying do this click on that, unfortunately not so

That is not true.
This post already has the link to the probably correct topic:

The box inside taht post is the link.
and here it is again:

You say press F1 in MP3tag, all this does is turn off my speaker?

Sorry I´ve click on the link and none of the folders or opening, nothing is happening

I don't know how your computer is configured - apparently there are more functions on one key - which also means that you do not trigger the key code for F1 but the special function for your hardware. This has nothing to do with MP3tag but with how to handle your specific computer. You probably also have to press another key labelled Fn or something to get the real function key.
And if this is all too complicated, then use the menu Help and the topics there (where you will also find a reference to F1).
Admittedly, F1 will open the help start page - but the link in this post should open the help at the right topic (3rd time that I mention this now).

Another browser window or tab should open with the linked page.

Thank you for persevering, I thought it would be easy, guess that´s not the case.
Thank you for your assistance, I´m sorry for not being computer savvy, 75 is not an easy age to follow instructions.
Again thank you
I´ll try Youtube maybe someone will show how to do this little problem I´m having.
Maybe if you had tutorial videos that would help this ideot
thank you again

There is a thread here that explains how to do this to start with an empty directory.

I would like to add that the cludge of an empty but existing folder is not necessary any more since 3.17:
[2022-06-23] NEW: added option to set startup folder to empty, previous, or favorite.

See the linked documentation topic.

You can try this step-by-step-instruction:

1.) Start Mp3tag
2.) Press Ctrl+O to open the Options window inside Mp3tag
3.) Klick on Directories on the left side
4.) In the drop-down-box under "Startup directory:" on the right side choose Empty from the 3 choices like this:
5) Press OK

Everytime you start Mp3tag, it will no more load any data into your file list.
The file list remains empty, until you choose a directory (Ctrl+D) to load songs or you drag & drop songs into the file list.

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