MP3Tag Cannot Retrieve FreeDB Data!


Hi Guys

Let me first say that I think MP3Tag is THE most useful mass MP3Tag management programs I've ever used.

However, one problem I have always had is that it seems to be unable to access the FreeDB database correctly for certain albums.

More recently I've noticed an album ripped personally using CDex.

I know it's an old program, but I've used CDex for years to rip CDs and like it's simplicity.

CDex accesses the FreeDB database and comes back with the correct album, artist etc.

Once the tracks are ripped, I like to use MP3Tag to tidy up the MP3 tags.

When I then use MP3Tag to access the Freedb database, MP3Tag reads the 'Selected Files' as a totally different CDDB ID.

For instance NOW 81

CDex retrieved CDDB ID 18124815 and filled all fields in the resulting MP3 correctly.

When I then tried to retrive the FreeDB data using MP3Tag, it read the CDDB ID as d911a715

However, if I use the FreeDb option in MP3Tag 'Determine From Inserted Audio CD', the fields are read OK.

It could be that CDex is changing the properties of the resulting MP3 files, but they have been OK in other MP3 tag utilities in the past.

Any ideas?


  • You access freedb already with CDex, why do it again in Mp3tag?

  • An accurate disc id can only be computed with a real audio cd. Using encoded audio files needs a fuzzy matching algorithm which does not guarantee good results.


All I can say is that it works for some album folders, but not others.

To answer your question regarding why use FreeDB in MP3Tag, well I just like to do it to verify the contents of the album folder. It works with most albums (some of which I ripped years ago), but for some reason certain albums are not recognised by FreeDB via MP3Tag.

I did post something similar to this HERE in 2011, but I still haven't found a solution.

When I mentioned it last time, MP3Tag was reeporting different track lengths to other programs, which then generated a different ID.

Oh well, thanks anyway.