Mp3tag changes name of directory

Hi there,

Been using Mp3tag for a long time, but this is the first problem I've had with it. Lately when I convert tag-to-filename in a folder that has a leading space (to keep it at the top of the directory it is in) it deletes the space and saves the mp3's in a newly named folder. For example: if I have a folder of mp3's named "General" (where the "" stands for an empty space), after converting the mp3's I find them moved to a folder called simply "General" (with the empty space removed).

Hope that's clear enough. Any way to stop this behaviour?

I think this recent discussion has covered the issue.

So, is moving back to mp3tag 3.08 the way to go?

Depends on your needs. Note it is actually the OS spec that folders and files not have leading or trailing spaces. Although it seems Windows does cope with this, it doesn’t follow design. @Florian will need to comment to confirm if there are plans to revert to prior design.

Yeah, I guess I'll stick with 3.08 for now. I just have too many folders with a leading blank space and replacing them with an under-dash is too aesthetically galling. Shame though, I love the new dark interface (as well as loving the software overall. Long time user here.)

Do you use this spaces for a special sort order?
(Or what else could be the advantage if you can't see this characters?)

Yes, I put a single empty space at the beginning of certain folders to keep them at the top of the sort order. The formatting of my original question was skewed in translation (there was an underscore at the beginning of "General" in my description of events that didn't show up for some reason, and that was what was within the empty quotes -- it was supposed to represent an empty space).