MP3Tag Crashes when saving tags if I click on any file while it saves

This bug is not specific to the latest version (3.10). It has happened to me with all previous versions, but this version does seem to be a little finicky.

The problem occurs when I am saving tags. It could be 15K tags or just 20, but if I have the audacity to click a file while the tags are saving 8/10 times the program will stop saving and just hang. It will not close and I have to force it closed with the task manager. It does not have to be one of the files that are currently saving, any file will cause this problem. And I am not doing anything other than just selecting it. This is not a case of trying to play the file or edit the tags. Just selecting the file crashes the program.

Another thing I have noticed with this version is that in Dark Mode, sometimes files will change colors while saving, but as soon as I sweep the mouse over them, they switch back from white (or light grey) to black background. This is not that important but I thought I would include it.


Is this also happening with Mp3tag v3.10d?

I will check soon. I have yet to update. I have 15k files loaded at the moment. I will try later tonight and report back. It takes a while because I want all the files to load before reattempting to recreate the error. You have been busy with the updates. I guess it is time to send some more "support" your way. :wink:

Unfortunately I have to report that this is still occurring. I just downloaded 3.11 and installed it. I loaded just 311 files. I highlighted 68 of them and hit save. As it was saving I clicked on random files (just one click, no double clicking) and after click the second or third I got a Runtime Error. This has been occurring for some time using several different versions of Mp3Tag. At one point it did not happen but I am not sure when. This will always happen if I click on any file line in mp3Tag while it is saving. Hopefully this can be resolved.

mp3tag error Capture

I had to click 3 times while the saving was in progress until the undefined state occurred

Thanks for reporting! I've added a workaround with Mp3tag v3.11b which should prevent the app from crashing.

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I have downloaded the latest version and will give it a try. I will report back.

I am happy to report (sorry for the delay) that after 3.11b MP3Tag has not crashed while saving changes if I click any file or even a batch of files.

Hurray! Thanks Florian!

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