Mp3tag does not read these tags

Explorer, foobar & another tagger reads this file as expected. Mp3tag shows nothing except for replaygain info in extended tags.

I tested a different file from the same uploader on a torrent site, and it's the same, no tags in only Mp3tag. Thought someone would be curious to discover why.


Then please check whether you have APE tags in the files and see the settings in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg and whether you read APE tags.
If both is true, then you see the phenomenon that APE tags overrule the display of ID3 tags.
For a test: Switch off reading APE tags and re-read the files again. All other tag data should then appear.

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Hmmm...yeah. That's lame though. Thanks.

Why do you use programs that do not keep the tags in sync but write only one version?
There are programs like Foobar that write the replaygain values into ID3 tags and not exclusively to APE tags.

Exactly as @ohrenkino wrote:


After disabling "Read APE" for mpeg in Tools -> Options -> Tag -> Mpeg

Strangely enough, a quick search shows you brought this same topic up almost 12 years ago. The fix remains the same as well.

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Did I tag these? No. I just noticed that everything else shows the tags while I have to fart around in the Mp3tag settings to get the job done.

Now back to the real world.

Who else should have?
MP3tag does not deal with the audio part - and replaygain describes properties of the audio part.

Simply displaying these tags like you mention in other software is not the same as editing and saving them. If this was the case, what format should rule? What about the other apps that do not support APE? You can't just apply one brush here. I guess when the source and details aren't very clear, you may need to dig a little deeper into fixing them to show as you would prefer.

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