MP3Tag edits not being saved into original folder

Hi folks, I'm trying to save edits made in MP3tag to the original folder from whence the files originated, but to no USED to work but I don't know if a newer version may have changed something or what?
It's happening on 2 or different computers that I am using so I know it's not the device itself.

Am I missing something?

AFAIK nothing has changed - and I can edit files just like before.
So you would have to describe in much more detail what you do and what you expect from which original data.

Same as I've dome previously:

  1. Export (drag/drop) files to mp3tag from original folder on desktop.
  2. Edit song/track/album info for each (occasionally using freedbase )
  1. Selecting all tracks
    4). Saving all info using the Save icon in top left field.

This has always been the method I've used...everything saves in mp3tag but folder itself does not get updated with new track info, as it previously; Files remain as Track01.flac etc,etc.

I do not think that this is the correct way to do it.
You can load the files with drag and drop as you described.

Now itr depends where you enter the modifications:
If you use the individual fields in the files list, then the modification is saved as soon as you leave a field.
If you use the tag panel then you have to either press Save as soon as you have finished editing and then the modification is only saved to the currently selected file(s).

If you modifiy, then select files, all your modifications will be lost.
So select first,
then modify in the tag panel
finally press Save.

I make all modifications and then select all the files, making sure they are the new modifications, then press USED to save them to the original folder using this method but I don't know what happened.
Here's the interesting part....if I completely clear the mp3tag box, then add the untagged files again from the original box into mp3tag,they change to the modified tags!!
but I can't seem to get the files to stay modified in the original folder..

Unless you tell MP3tag to move files (e.g. rename the filename or folder) the files stay in the same folder.
And again: unless I do not understand your description correctly

then this is still the way that first enters information in the (I hope) tag panel and then on selecting the files, reads the files and therefore discards all the modifications. This procedure has never worked so far.
Could you please try the way I already described?

Additionally, you could check a single file by pressing Alt-T and have a look at the extended tags dialogue window title if you see the word APE there somewhere.
And then see which settings you have in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg for reading, writing and deleting.
... and tell us what you found.

I think I see what is happening on my end....the "Title" is changing to the new name but the "Filename" remains the same....can the filename be modified?

see the FAQs on how to modify the filename:


This is what I have have in the Mpeg Options tag.....I don't understand any of it but maybe you do?

As APE tags cause sometimes some irritation I would disable to read and write APE tags.
All the other settings seem to be ok.

Please note that the filename is no tag field but a property of the file for the file system. MP3tag deals mainly with the tag data.
You can use tag data to modify the filename.