Mp3tag Export Splitter

Mp3tag Export Splitter
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I created a little assistant tool for Mp3tag to overcome some limitions of the export feature.
It's only possible to either create one big file or one file per folder.
But not for example one export file for each audio file.

So how does it work?
You have to use one of the export templates (.mte) with the Mp3tag export. That will create one big file in the windows temp folder.
To install the .mte files they must be copied in the Mp3tag profile folder.

After the export is completed just run the Mp3tagExportSplitter.exe program. It will look in the temp folder for the Mp3tag Split Export.txt file.
Then it will create multiple single files based on the export template.

So far I have made 3 export templates:

  • Artist Playlists (one playlist for every artist)
  • Genre Playlists (one playlist for every genre)
  • Lyrics to single textfiles

Mp3tagExportSplitter.rar (294 KB)

DetlevD has made a similar tool that you can find here

Mp3tagExportSplitter.rar (294 KB)


This is awesome! I have been looking for a way to create multiple playlists for albums with multiple CD's for years! I was able to modify the Genre to Album and now I use this to create multiple playlists for each CD in the Album! Thank you so much!

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I added Mp3tagExportSplitter.exe to the Tools list. Is there a way to call this tool inside an export or Action?

Thank you! I've adapted the export template to my needs and use the splitter.exe to create playlists (m3u in my case).

cheers, Guimms!

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