Mp3Tag is not replacing some pesky characters from the file name

I want to remove characters with Ascii codes 226, 128 and 142 from the file names.
They create a lot of trouble.
A display in UTF-8 from SAS creates the following garbage characters.

29 %put # &kw1;

30 %put # &kw2;

31 %put # &kw3;

I tried to create removal rules in Mp3Tag using Alt+Ascii codes, and thought it might work, but apparently (probably) they weren't removed.


Hum, I just noticed these are multibyte characters from UTF-8, so maybe that's why it's not working.

Here's a screenshot of the characters I need to remove (in yellow):

Before we discuss at length how to manipulate the filename itself - what about using Convert>Tag-Filename and rewrite the complete filename without the unwanted characters?
If you state that MP3tag's replace function does not work I think it would be fair to show us what your strings for search and replace look like.

This thread helps: