Mp3tag isnt adding the explicit tag to some aac files?


so i have a lossless version of an album and i converted it to aac (near-iTunes quality) and mp3tag isnt adding the explicit tag (nor clean tag) once i add the files to iTunes. even after deleting the files from iTunes and re adding them. is it iTunes or me?


Or is is the format?
See the help on supported fields:
where it says that ITUNESADVISORY is exclusive to MP4 files. You may need an MP4 container.


well, its an mp4 file.


but MP3tag still shows the field and its value? and other modifications to tag data are shown by iTunes?


all the correct info shows up in mp3tag as ive edited it yet itunes doesnt recognize the change as opposed to me editing a file thats already i+


So the topic of this thread does not really say it: it is not MP3tag but iTunes that causes problems for you. If MP3tag saves everything correctly but iTunes refuses to notice the changes - where do you see MP3tag's role?


so then its just not fixable on our end?


All I can say: MP3tag does everything right. How you get iTunes to accept the data - ask Apple.


Are you setting ITUNESADVISORY to 1 for adding the explicit tag?