MP3TAG messing up with MP3 comments tag when editing

To be honest that is enough for me - i wanted to use mp3tag only to easy spellcheck fix or check multiple files sampling rate / bitrate etc - it fails at changing comments value as it messess up tag for any other application.

And i still can't find solution for it :confused: :frowning:

It seems that mp3 file has only 1 comment tag "Drum G" (ID3v2.3) but MP3TAG recognizes it as 2 values for example: "Drum G/Drum G" and any change to that will result in comment not showing in windows explorer or any other application.

Is there way to fix it? I disabled saving as ID3V1 but it didn't really do anything for me. :frowning:

Audacity does not seem to be issue there as mp3diagexe recognizes there's only one field value in comments but when i edit it with MP3TAG it recognizes double tag.

Even if that would be case why changing value to one in MP3TAG still does not fix problem and just makes all other software including windows explorer blind for comment tag?

The answer is in the previous thread that was posted earlier. When there is more than one comment field in the metadata, Windows and many other programs default to the first one written in the header.
For whatever reason in your files there is something not aligning with the COMMENT field and causing two fields to be written. If you want to share a file that has this issue, it can be looked at by other users to see if there is something more to this than has been is obvious so far. I have never had any such issue between Audacity and mp3tag.

Another thing i just found:
Editing comments value in MP3TAG or other ID3 Tag Editor (by abyssmedia) makes it impossible to read by windows explorer but editing it in windows explorer makes it visible for both sides which is weird to me.

Im gonna upload both files (freshly exported with audacity with working tag and after editing with mp3tag) - i really don't know how to fix issue.
Any tag i put in comments field is invisible in windows explorer no matter what i do.

Link to both mp3 files:

Both files have identical tags. two COMMENTS fields with a single letter D. And both only have ID3v2.3 tags. i can see a single COMMENTS displayed in Windows as well.

Not much else to go on here. Other than how or why both files have two comments written in the first place.

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Here is what your 2 files look like in my File Explorer:

I don't see a problem.

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Then it may be windows related? For me only first file shows value in comments, second is blank.

Is there really two comments on both files or MP3TAG thinks there's two comments in each file?

If audacity makes 2 comments on each file how i can stop it from doing it?

Why it's so weird? Why Ryerman can see both comments in windows explorer but i can see only first one (second is blank) :confused: :confounded:

I can see both in Windows Explorer as well.

Both files have two tag fields i made no changes with mp3tag at all. simply downloaded and viewed them.

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The only other thing I can think of - when adding the original comments, are you using anything with a pair of slash characters? Like D//D for example? This is a reserved character combination in mp3tag called a separator, that forces the field into two when saved. But note that I did not make any edits or saves, so this would have already been done for your example files before they were made available to download.

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No. Audacity always creates duplicate comment tags no matter what the content in the tags-field is. And saving the file with MP3Tag does not change anything.
Here is a hexview of the exported file:

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There are 2 comment fields - even MP3diags shows 2 fields COMM, each with the size 6 for the file exported by Audacity.
Yet, for the files exported by Audacity, the first COMM field has no language token, whereas the second field has the languge token XXX.
Editing the file with MP3tag changes both to ENG.

So, my

Audacity causes problems.
If your windows does not display the comments at all, check if ENG is the best setting or whether XXX would be better.


If I look at the file directly from audacity, then one COMMENT has the language token XXX which apparently does not upset the WE.
After you have edited the file, the COMMENT fields get the token ENG - where you have to check if that is really the GUI language of your Windows as the WE expects both languages to match.

A workaround would be:

  • delete the duplicated fields - there is an action for it
  • set the language token either to your real GUI language or
  • set it to XXX as dummy language.
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This is documented here, found after a quick Google search.
So not something mp3tag is doing. But can be fixed.


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