mp3tag Redirect URI, error 400 error and script for google images Questions.

Hi. Think some of these only florian might be able to answer. I hope someone else can lend a hand though.

  1. I'm applying to soundcloud for and API request and they are looking for this apps Redirect URI. What may that be?
  2. To lead on from there I was looking into rewritting the soundcloud script but it comes back with a 400 error.

    This is the info I'm using, I'll post the script if anyone needs to check it. Although I just want to know what the 400 error in relation to mp3tag is? Permisions perhaps?
    PS I've the date correct on my PC & done ipconfig /flushdns via cmd but no luck. Also mp3tag is is running in admin mode.

    [Name]= soundcloud
    # [BasedOn]
    [SearchBy]= [soundcloud Album Url] %www%
    [Encoding]= utf-8
  3. I'm also trying to rewrite the google images one: If I use this in the tools for mp3tag and it works fine to find images square and larger than 1024x768px$replace(%album%,%20,+,#,+,&,+,(OM),)&tbs=iar:s,isz:lt,islt:xga&tbm=isch&source=lnt&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiT4-ephrfPAhVLFMAKHXwUAUsQpwUIFQ&biw=1592&bih=857&dpr=1

    However: If I use:


    In the script indexUrl it only parses images up to 150px. I think that google has done this via javascript. Can anyone please explain if that's the case.

I can post the scripts if anyone needs them. Last time I did it got 150+ downloads [Found Here] and no one replied.