Mp3tag v2.50 released

I've just released Mp3tag v2.50!

This means 50 releases! (beta versions not counted) since v2.00. Yeah! :slight_smile:

Changes of the new version include:

Converter :mt_ttt: Tag - Tag
This converter formats tag fields by other fields content, which means that you can use it to copy tags from one field to another or to combine contents of multiple different tag fields in one tag field. As already known from the other converters, you can use placeholders for any tag field and scripting functions within the format string to format the content of the specified tag field.
Furthermore, the format string is evaluated while typing and you can verify the results using the builtin preview.

Unicode Playlists in UTF-8 format
You can now save playlists in Unicode format encoded as UTF-8 if you use *.m3u8 as file extension. This can be useful if file names contain special characters. Applications which support UTF-8 encoded playlists are, e.g., Apple iTunes and foobar2000.

Discogs API 2.0 released a completely redesigned API for accessing data from their website based on the popular JSON format. Mp3tag's web source framework and the corresponding discogs web source have been updated to this new format. Thanks dano! :slight_smile:

Furthermore, this version fixes various issues that have been reported after the last release of Mp3tag. For a full list of changes please see the History of Changes.

You can download the new version from

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Awesome! Tag -> Tag will save a lot of time.


Thank you very much for THIS and all the previous versions! :music:

Great, this program is the reason why I still have a windows PC running next to my imac.
So thankyou for this incredibly usefull program.

But a MACOSX version would still really be appreciated.

Have tried the winebottler installation but that that just does not work smoothly (renaming files on a network share doesn't work from teh winebottle maxosx version where it does from the windows version).

Given the amount of reads of this topic (6461 views):

And this topic (21147 views):

I'm apparently not the only one who'd be very happy.

Congratulations and thanks Florian for your tireless generosity.


Tag - Tag is great!

I really appreciate the new Tag -> Tag feature and am now wondering if it is easy to combine two actions into one,

i.e. do Artist -> Albumartist and then rename Filename from Tags

Hey coolstream, can you tell me if it is possible in one go, that means with one mouse click, to start Mp3tag and close it immediately?

By the way ... the new Converter "Tag- Tag" [Alt-5] is a time saver and really a big help, because of it's unlimited preview feature, in comparing to the preview feature of the Converter "Tag - Filename" [Alt-1].

If you want to combine Mp3tag actions ... it is already possible to collect a number of single actions into a group of actions, see dialog [Alt+6].


Hi. Sorry for the delay in replying.

To do what you want, mp4tag would need to be run from the command line with the required parameters included in the instruction, something like

mp3tag (parameters) "%1"

I don't know if such a facility exists in the program but it could certainly be useful. Perhaps I will investigate this in the future.

EDIT: Running mp3tag from the command line is simply opening the windows version, so I don't think it is possible to pass parameters to the program to do what you are asking.

Many thanks for pointing me to dialog [Alt+6]. This has been very useful to me and has allowed me to do several command at once. One thing I am having trouble with is running a standard action as part of script. So far, the best I have found is to run a script before/after the standard action.

It would be handy to be able to be able to tag mp3s from the filename and copy ALBUMARTIST from the ARTIST field all in one mouse click. I will keep investigating this and post the result if I manage to work it out.