MP3tag v2.51 doesn't change any .AAC tag field. Why?

When something is put in any .AAC field or deleted from it, nothing appears or remains old text. It seems, that MP3tag is not working with AAC. MP3tag just can delete AAC's tags... Could anyone help me? Thanks :wink:

If your file does actually have the .AAC extension then it's a raw AAC file. The file needs to be inside what's known as a 'container' format, such as Mp4.

Mp4 containers store the .AAC inside of them, and only then are able to be tagged and played on devices.

Typical Mp4 containers will have the extension '.mp4', or '.m4a' at the end of the filename.

Here's how to add a .AAC file to a proper Mp4 container:

  1. Download YAMB v2.1.

  2. In the 'Creation' tab select the 'Click to create an Mp4 file....' item.

  3. Click the 'Add' button and select your .AAC file.

  4. Select the Output folder, the click the 'Next' button to complete.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: .

But WinAmp 5.623 stores everything correctly, if I rewrite tags in .AAC... Then why does it happens?

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