Mp3tag v2.71 / foobar2000 - discogs tagging not working: "Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1).


  1. I used the discogs tagging feature in Mp3tag 2.71 for many months without problems.

  2. I suddenly receive this error: "Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1)."

  3. I attempt to use the discogs tagging feature in foobar2000. I receive a similar error: "(skipped) Error: Authorization Failed (401) [Is OAuth working?] - (url:"

  4. I attempt to fix the error by deleting the Mp3tags application from my discogs settings.

  5. Step 4 fails to fix the error.

  6. no dialogue within discogs settings to re-authorize Mp3tag. It just seems like the messages are blocked...

  7. musicbrainz, amazon and freedb tagging works fine.

anyone else experiencing this? any help to fix this is much appreciated.

Perhaps this thread helps:

I followed the steps and found that my discogs.src file already contains these settings. also tried combinations suggested in the posts that followed:





OAuth error still occurs. It appears that my error is not related to the thread you linked. as I said in my OP, this is happening in foobar2000 as well.

I created a new discogs account, to see if my old discogs account was causing the error. I tested the discogs tagging feature in Mp3tag, while logged into my new discogs account. once again, I get an OAuth error.

my discogs.src settings:


What happened a month ago?

Then: check that you get the right mp3tag.cfg file (and rename it to start the authorization again)
Have a look at the installation folder and the folder %appdata%\mp3tag.

(It has to be something local, I would say. And as hardly anybody can see over your shoulder from the distance of this forum, you have to investigate a lot yourself).

Same problem here. Works if it's one word. Changing the cfg file loses all my custom configs, so that's out. Wish there was a better way. Currently I use a single word search and scour through the results. Curious as to why it suddenly stopped functioning properly. I hadn't changed anything on my end.

The word limiter is a problem of the src file - that has nothing to do with the authorization.
If the authorization fails, you have to do something about that and the only way I can think of is removing the cfg file.

hi ohrenking,

I changed the name of mp3tag.cfg - still the same error OAuth error. No application request in discogs.

I tried a fresh install of mp3tag, including deleting all appdata. After re-installing mp3tag 2.72, I get the same OAuth error and still nothing in discogs application settings.


Might be something with a change @discogs, as my discogs-addin with Mediamonkey gives me a similar error.

hey, I figured out the problem... my system was out of sync with windows internet time. The authorization worked after I updated my clock.

That is great and thanks for the feedback.
But as I suspected: something local.