Mp3tag v3.16c bug error with genre display

Upgraded just now to mp3tagv316c-x64. Version has a bug that "holds" the "Darkwave" genre selection by default, even when you update "genre" tag with user created tags, in app display. The app actually writes the selected user genre, but it does not display as an update in this version. I downgraded to previous beta version which did not have this issue.

Is there a particular file format or tag format that is showing this behaviour? I have done testing with mp3 files in both ID3v2.3 and v2.4, as well as ALAC mp4 files with edits done in both mp3tag and iTunes. In both directions and all cases the genre updated and displayed correctly for me. This was on Win10/64 in my case, so the same 3.16c-x64 version that was posted earlier today.

It occurred using MP3 files, format ID3v2.3 (ID3v1 ID3v2.3 APEv2). Never had any issue before using Mp3tag and I've been using it for many years. Switching back to prior version release "fixed' the issue. Installing latest version and opening MP3 files causes the Genre Display to default to "Darkwave" no matter what file is loaded into Mp3tag. Running Windows 10 x64, latest version with all updates installed. In Options the genre tags I created are all viewable, and Darkwave is not one of the genre tags viewable (and one I have never used). Again, the app writes the correct genre tag when viewing the tags in another tag viewer, but in Mp3tag all files displays with the "Darkwave" genre tag (well actually the few files that I've tried other than the initial group I went to modify).

Does this user-defined genre start with 50?

Yes, it does, the user-defined genre I selected is named
50s Rock

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Thanks for reporting! I've fixed the issue which was introduced yesterday with v3.16c with Mp3tag v3.16d.

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