MP3tag Windows Move files lockup

Windows 10 64 Latest version updated
MP3tag from the microsoft store
(Awesome App, by the way)
Action: Dragging files from within app to a folder to move them
Situation: Files already exist in folder being moved to and windows offers user to check each (Let me decide for each) file being transfered against existing copies.
User declines to move files.
Issue: MP3tag will not cancel the transaction:

Second time it just crashed windows explorer windows that were open.

I can't reproduce a crash.
I loaded 2 files into MP3tag.
Opened WE in the folder of the 2 files.
Dragged&Dropped the files from MP3tag into the Explorer window.
Message asks to skip or abort.
First attempt:
I click "skip" for each file. -> Files disappear from the files list, no crash.
Second attempt (where I start from scratch)
I click "Abort" -> Files disappear from the files list, no crash.
What is different to your approach?