Mp3Tag Wine Mac 10.13 discogs error OAuth (1) Code 12169

Dear Forum,
on my older Macs 10.13 with mp3tag version 2.99 and 3.00 wine i cannot use discogs as tag source anymore.
I get the message : Failed to authenticate using OAuth (1) Code 12169

Is there any way to use these older macs for mp3tag and discogs as tag source?

Thank you, regards

Maybe this answer can help:

Thanks for your help. I think this is not the issue here, because it used to work and has this error on 2 different machines. I dont know of any bios on macs, but the system time looks fine.

You could try the native mac version:

Yes this version is awesome, but only runs on 10.14 upwards. my macs are older with 10.13

I see.

Sorry, I'm running out of ideas.