Mp3tag Won't Access All Songs in a Folder

I'm grouping all the tracks on each of my WMP playlists into separate folder for each playlist with the same title as the playlist. I did the first 12 playlists without a problem. On #13, the folder has 20 tracks in it (with only a couple exceptions, all my playlists are 20 tracks long), but Mp3tag will only display 16 of them for me to edit.

I've tried removing them from the playlist and folder and reinserting them. I've tried creating a totally new folder and moving all 20 tracks to that folder. The 4 tracks in question play just fine whether I click on them from the WMP screen or in Windows Explorer.

Those 4 tracks are not new downloads. They've been on my laptop for ages. Normally, I can scuffle around and find out what going on, but this one has me stumped. It's most likely something really simple that I'm overlooking, but I can't think of what it might be.

Any help anybody can give me would be most appreciated. In the meantime, if I make any progress, I'll post again, so that nobody works on a solution for something that's already been solved.


If you open Mp3tag with the files from your folder #13 you only see 16 tracks, right?
Please check the status bar from Mp3tag in the lower right corner:
What exactly do you see there?
Could it be that you have activated a filter with F3?
(Please press F3 again and check if you can see a different number of visible tracks).

And what kind of tracks are this 20 files in your folder #13? Are this all *.mp3 or mixed formats like *.flac and *.wav?

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Thanks for the suggestions. It is working just fine now. I wish I could say I did something to fix the problem, but the truth is that when I opened the program up this morning, everything was where it was supposed to be, including the handful of tracks that were missing yesterday.

I guess some things are meant to remain mysteries. Thanks for taking the time to try to help, though. Stay well.

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