MP3tagPro does not show MP3tag export


I hope you are well.

I haven't used MP3Tag for a few months now and recently updated to the latest version but now cannot find the custom export configuration buttons?

I would be very grateful if you could please help.

Many thanks,


See File>Export ...
Or the Export button in the toolbar.
If you do not find your old export scripts, you have to find out how you installed MP3tag last time and this time.
Here is a thread with a list of possible storage places:


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly again!

I seem to have a limited number of options since updating - see screengrab??

This does not look like MP3tag to me at all.
More like MP3tag Pro which is a completely different program.

Ooops - sorry - that's a bit embarrassing - let me open up my MP3Tag then....

I have found your programme now, which is waaayyy better than the other one - so sorry for wasting your time!!

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