Sometimes there is the need to export text content from the ID3v2 tag-field UNSYNCEDLYRICS (USLT) to disk file.

Mp3tag by its report feature is able to export tag-field data from one to many selected media files.
Given by design of the Mp3tag export feature, there can be created only one output file for all envolved input media files.
Today with Mp3tag v2.51 there is no chance to export tag-field data from a group of media files into one assigned external text file separately for each media file.
How to work around and solve the task?

Mp3tag's report feature is able to export tag-field data from one to many selected media files into one big output file, so we do.
To distinguish which USLT data belong to which media file, each USLT data block is separated by a leading and a trailing block mark.

File structure of the "Lyrics List File" as following ...



By using the utility "Mp3tagSplitLyricsList", the text blocks can be separated into single text files and placed into the right folder, given by the $$$FILE directive.

"Mp3tagSplitLyricsList" is able to read a "Lyrics List File" having entire character encoding of UTF-8 resp. UTF-16LE resp. ANSI.
"Mp3tagSplitLyricsList" writes output data files in the same character encoding as coming in.
For the writing of UTF-8 text files the UTF-8 BOM is adjustable.

The setup package contains Mp3tag MTE example export scripts for creating the "Lyrics List File":

  • Lyrics#Export USLT to Lyrics List for splitting#1.mte
  • Lyrics#Export USLT to Lyrics List for splitting#2.mte
    The setup routine installs the MTE files into the Mp3tag user appdata default folder, therefore selectable within the Mp3tag export dialog.
    The setup routine installs a Mp3tag tool item for quick access using the Mp3tag "Tools" context menu.
    This tool item can be removed at any time using the Mp3tag options dialog.
    The Mp3tag option dialog allows to set up the "Mp3tagSplitLyricsList" command with a parameter, which is a "Lyrics List File" of any path and name, so the tool will start immediately using the given input text file.
    If the tool parameter is left empty, then "Mp3tagSplitLyricsList" starts with a File Open dialog.

Download the latest version of the utility "Mp3tagSplitLyricsList" from there ...

See also ...


Added the directive $$$FILEAPPEND. This allows to append text to existing file.

I think people should know it's a copy of my tool
Copying lyrics (tags <-> txt)

Dano ... hmmmmm ... no offense ...
my utility "Mp3tagSplitLyricsList" is not a copy of your utility "Mp3tagLyricsSplitter".

I have conducted interested users to your utility by the "See also ..." references.
Please follow the link on top of the link list ... it guides to your tool ...

Both utilities seems to follow the same purpose, surely different in appearance and usage and programming.

The idea to solve the underlying problem - what is in fact the limited export feature of Mp3tag - on this way is rather old ... documented somewhere in the forums ... many years back.

As always ... we can live in peaceful coexistence.


Hello, I read the forum and I'm not above ais is if my problem applies. But here I would like to export my lyrics in a txt file but with a different file for each Selected track.. Here is my command line but unfortunately it allows me export lyrics of each track in one .txt file.


Would you have a line of a different command to use. Txt file separate ? Thank you for your reply.