MP4: Explorer File Properties Fields: "Subtitle," "Tags," "Directors," "Producers," "Writers," "Publisher," "Content provider," "Encoded by," "Author URL," "Promotion URL," and "Parental rating."

I was wondering if someone can help me regarding creating a field that directly reflects Windows Explorer File Properties for MP4 files. When I use MetaX on an MP4 file, any entry added into the "Director," "Producers," "Screenwriters," "Rating," "Subtitle" and "Stars" fields is directly pushed into the Windows Explorer File properties. I want to apply that same settings on MP3Tag for MP4 files, if possible. I also want to fields for "Publisher," "Content provider," "Encoded by," "Author URL," and "Promotion URL."

Have a look at the help and the list of supported fields:

The easiest way would be to fill a filed in quiestion in a sample file with the Explorer and then look at the same file with MP3tag probably in the extended tags dialogue.

If you don't see anything in the extended tags dialogue, it could be that this comes from the same phenomenon as getting the rating:

... which would mean that it is not possible to get this kind of data exchanged between the Windows explorer and other programs

Sorry for the late response. I already went through Tag Field Mappings – Mp3tag Documentation, prior to creating the post? I figured it out for MKV files, but MP4 is the one that I am having an issue with. I am sure that there is a mechanism/way for my request to become a reality because it can be done via MetaX as shown via my attachments, but I prefer Mp3Tag due to its custom fields. The "Red-boxed" areas on the images correspond to what Mp3Tag is unable to fulfil, compared to MetaX, even though I prefer Mp3Tag over MetaX.

This is all rolled up into a XML file that is stored in the ITUNMOV tag for mp4 videos. I’m not sure how this is managed in MetaX but it would require a lot of remapping for mp3tag.

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I am already aware of ITUNMOVI tag for mp4 videos. Nonetheless, is there still a way to grant my request via these links: Metadata Properties for Media Files and Attribute list?

Any thoughts or recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you