Mp4 files not listed on MP3tag

Hi, I would like for some help with my problem. First please accept my excuse for potential duplicity of this thema, but I cant find any help topic.

So I downloaded mp4 files from my itunes (I´using icloud music library), and looked, that i cant list them in Mp3tag v 2.85 for tagging, like my old mp3 files.
I´m using WIN 10.
I really dont find, what could be the problem, so I will happy for any help or view.

Thank you so much

you could check if you see the files when you deactivate the filter (f3).
If that does not help, see Tools>Options>Tags and the list of file extensions and check if the mp4 extensions are included.
The list in my MP3tag looks like this:

*.aac; *.ape; *.apl; *.asf; *.flac; *.flc; *.mp+; *.mp1; *.mp2; *.mp3; *.mp4; *.m4a; *.m4b; *.m4v; *.mpc; *.ogg; *.oga; *.ofr; *.ofs; *.spx; *.tak; *.tta; *.wma; *.wv; *.tmp; *.001; *.010; *.opus; *.dsf; *.mpg; *.wav; *.aif; *.aifc; *.aiff; *.mka; *.mkv;

(and there are extensions for mp4 files ...)

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ohrenkino's post is where I'd check first, yeah. I believe MP4 is normally excluded as it's frequently used as a video container format, and I've read—depending on how it was encoded—there can be problems when editing tags due to various video encoding settings placing the metadata portion at the beginning rather than end of the file for better online streaming support (ie: better online streaming support at the expense of tagging flexibility).

Pretty sure when it's used as a container format for music this isn't the case though.