Multi condition IF

how could I create a multi function if () pretty much like this ...

garment value: 01, 02, 03 ... 12

If the "value field" equals 01, replace me with January
if 02 February

01 January
02 February
03 March
December 12

Something like
$replace("your value field",'01','January','02','February','03','March', ... ,'12','December')

Please see details here: Mp3tag Help - Scripting functions

yes the concept is this, but in practice how do I apply it ...

For which specific tag (like %album% or %title%) do you want this Action?

Please show us a real example from your collection where you want to replace the number by month name.

I have the "date" field which has 4 digits - ddmm-
example date = 2311

I would like the month written to generate me in the% copyright% field
2311 = November 23

"copyrigth" field = November (11 = November)

I currently generate the complete date from the date and year fields

I would like to manage the month number in text format, or just assign the month name in another empty field.

I think I can adapt the script I already did, I just need to figure out how to implement a $ if () function to be able to manage reference key = value (01 = January)

I would solve it like this:
1.) Use Convert Tag -> Tag with

This will replace the right two numbers from the %DATE% to the written month name and then adds the left two numbers from the %DATE% at the end ot the month name, separated with a space.

Please complete all 12 possible month numbers and names in the format string.

This only works if your days and the month are always saved in the format DDMM in %DATE%.

As always: Please backup your tracks before you test and check this conversion.

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