Multi sequential assigment images / cover / jpgs join to mp3 ?

Dear all, I am happy with using MP3tag since some years.
Maybe my search was not good enough, but I will try to do it like this.
I often make my own (mini) MP3 songs. For each song I like to assign an own image cover.
Working with 10, 50 or 100 songs, a manual assigment is not a big problem.
But if I have more than 500 songs, with 500 different images - I hope there is a solution already or in future?
For all songs and images, each file name is easy to name it as needed (e.g. X0101_Black_Monday.mp3 + X0101_Black_Monday.jpg).
If I have so many of them, is there a possibility to join them based on a table, text file or anything else?
Thanks for any feedback. :smiley: :sunglasses:

There are several possibilities to import album art.
One could be an action of the type "Import cover" where you can specify rules to create a filename for the cover file.

If both filenames correspond, then you could use this in the action:

if the cover file is the only jpg file in a folder, you can use this in the action:

Thank you very much, but can you give me an example?
I also did not find the button "Import cover".

Or do I have to write a small program?
Is there any link on that?

See the FAQs on how to create an action - there are 2 buttons in the tool bar for actions.

The different types of actions are described in the online help:

In this case I refer to

Load all the files into MP3tag.
set a filter so that you only treat the files without an embedded cover:
%_covers% IS ""
Select all files
Create an action (quick) (toolbar) of the type "Import cover from file"
Enter as filename:
(this takes the filename from the current music file and tries to find a file with the same name but the extension .jpg)
Do not tick "Keep existing cover".
Click OK to run the action.

After that press F3 twice to update the files list for the filter criterium to see which files still have not got an embedded cover.
For these either there was no file at all or the filename does not match. You then have to think of a different name (e.g. *.jpg) for another run of the action or check if there is no file in the folder.

Okay, thanks!
Many things to check out and learn.
Very best regards!