multiline comment field in the tag panel

I just upgraded to v2.54 and I'm not sure exactly when this feature was added, however today I just noticed that in the options there is the ability to add additional fields to the Tag Panel including making them multiline! And yet, while this is nice, the only field I'm actually interested in making multiline is the Comment field, and that appears to be impossible. I'm deeply confused as to why this would be left out.

This should either be turned on by default OR there should be a checkbox in the Tag Panel Options (right underneath Display Cover Art and Display Directory Switcher) called Display Comment Field as Multiline.

Just so you know... You can easily create and edit multiline comments within the :mt_tag: Extended Tags (Alt-T) dialog. Use Ctrl-M to insert a newline.

No where near as easily as if the Tag Panel had the ability to display multiline comments.

It is not possible to overwrite or re-define an existing tag-field from the Tag-Panel's standard set of tag-fields.
You can create an additional multiline Tag-Field="MY_COMMENT" with Name="My co&mment".

To avoid the appearing of the new defined tag-field in the list of tag-fields, ...
you may set a Mapping for Tag=ID3v2 with Source=MY_COMMENT and Target=COMMENT.

But there is a problem when subsequently writing text into the MY_COMMENT edit field and saving ...
because Mp3tag adds multi-value COMMENT tag-fields.


You can try to edit the usrfields.ini file usually found in the %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\ folder.

Add something like this


change the #0 to another number to put the field in your desired order.

Now I'm confused after following this topic. Just what is the definition of a multi-line Comment field? Is it a single field with a value that has multiple lines, or is it a collection of comment tags, each with a single line of text?

Is it possible to create a Comment or Lyrics field in a FLAC file with multiple lines of text, wherein the lines wrap as typed, or does this result in multiple Comment or Lyrics tag with one line per tag?

To avoid confusion, recall that VorbisComments have two components: The Field Name and the Value associated with that field name. I don't know what you mean when you call something a 'tag-field" but I assume you mean Field Name.


Tags describe the additional metadata that is added to an audio file or a picture or whatever file.
The tags are structured in fields.
A field consists of a name (descriptor) and the specific data.

MP3tag usually displays a field with a user-friendly (and sometimes user-defined) name and the data.

Some fields have data that can be displayed as several lines of text although the data is still a single stream or a single string.
COMMENT is such a field as you can enter a linebreak with CTRL-Enter. If you look at such a field then you usually see only the first line of text and you have to scroll through each line by pressing the navigation keys.
You could see more than just one line (and even get scrollbars) if you set that the display should be "multi-line".
But as DetelvD described you can set this feature only for user-defined fields and not for standard ones.

Sorry, my speech was less specific, ohrenkino has explained it better.

Do not mingle 'multi-value tag-field' and 'multi-line edit-field'.

As said, a tag-field value can contain control characters like CarriageReturn (d13) or LineFeed (d10).
This causes a single-line edit field only to display the first line of the text from the tag-field value.
A multi-line edit field can display all lines of the text from the tag-field value.

Try the 'usrfields.ini' hack proposal from user Oblio ...
multiline comment field in the tag panel
This will create an additional multi-line edit-field, which is assigned to the tag-field COMMENT.


Oblio, thanks for that tip. I tried it and it works. I now have a multiline comment field in Tag Panel. The only problem now is that the single-line comment field is still there, but now it only partially works. If I highlight an MP3, I see its comment in both the single line and multi line comment fields.. the only problem is now I have to remember to only use the multi line field, because if I forget and use the single line, after I press save, none of the changes made to the comment are saved. Uggg.

But, at least I have a multi-line field, and it works when I remember to use it! (Hopefully, we can just get a preference in a future upgrade for one or the other, but not both :wink:

I also thank thee

The only difference for me was, that I had to change that file located in

\Program Files (x86)\Mp3tag\data

[Windows 7 x64]

I know this is an old thread, but it took me a while to find the right path (Windows 10). For me it was