multiple artists in title

Hi folks,
Been a while, but now I'm stumped.
I know how to separate artists from title by using Guess Values, and vice versa. However I now have multiple artists in the itle which I want to move to artists.
What I have in Title is: example:" Money (Radio Edit) - David Guetta - Joachim Garraud - Moné - Chris Willis "
What I would like is: Title; Money (Radio Edit)

                           Artist: David Guetta; Joachim Garraud; Moné; Chris Willis

Four artists in the above example is the max, others have just 2 or 3. If I us the normal Guess Value method onlt one artist is moved, the rest vanish. What I use is: Guess Value, Source %title%, Guessing Pattern %title% - %artist% - %artist% - %artist% - %artist%
Hope somebody can help.
Thanks in afvance,

The "Guess value" action was quite OK - just use
Guessing pattern: %title% - %artist%
This moves "David Guetta - Joachim Garraud - Moné - Chris Willis" to ARTIST
For ARTIST you create an action to replace the - with ;

Thanks, work a charm. I was putting the artist in the number of times it appeared in the title. Thanks again, problem solved.