Multiple files selection in context menu

I'm using v.2.42 and I feel very pleasant with the application. However, I have a small problem. Let me explain:

I have 3 important MP3 files in a 100-file folder. I navigate them by using Windows Explorer. Every time I need to edit tags for these files, I need to right-click on each of them and select "Mp3tag". For 3 files, I need to do 3 times. I've tried to select these 3 files then right-click on them and choose Mp3tag, but it doesn't work for multiple files. I know that I can always open Mp3tag to select that folder and edit these 3 files in a list of 100 files, but I don't want to open too many files in Mp3tag window for editing tags.
I'd like a feature that working with multiple files selection in the Windows Explorer context menu. That means I could select some files then right click on them and choose "Mp3tag" from the context menu. Mp3 would open and show those files in its windows (just 3 files in a 100-file folder).

Thank you very much for reading this. :slight_smile:

This should actually work and for me it works great. Not sure what your problem is.

But you can also drag and drop these 3 files to Mp3tag, then you also only got these 3 files in the program.

I can't figure out what the problem is. I still can't select multiple files. I'll reinstall and try again. Thank you. :slight_smile:

(Sorry for my English because I'm not a native speaker of English. :stuck_out_tongue:)

I also have this problem (with ver. 2.43 and other, earlier versions). In Windows Explorer, I select multiple files (in a single folder), right-click and choose Mp3tag from the context menu. Mp3tag starts up but only has one file in the window.

I use Windows XP.

This problem is not major, but I am surprised that it occurs in such a beautifully written program.

Does this also happen with the current Development Build?

Mp3tag 2.45a works very well! This problem has been solved. So great!

I have this context menu problem with 2.48d, just like the original poster. All other forms of selection work reliably, but the fail rate on context menu selection is about 30% (about 30% of the time a few songs will not appear in Mp3tag). Most of the time I'm trying to select about 10 songs, and a typical result will drop up to half of the songs. This probelm did not just appear (I've experienced it for several weeks at least), but since I began an effort to clean up certain tags, I encounter this issue frequently.

I use Windows 7 SP1 32bit. Because all other forms of selection work without any issues, this isn't a big deal. Thanks again for an outstanding application!