Multiple Genres?

Hi all,
A simple question (I hope): Is it possible to tag a track or album with more than one GENRE? Some tracks are both classical and orchestral, classical and instrumental, classical and vocal, and I would like to be able to sort on EITHER category. Likewise I have some songs that are both classic rock and 70s or 80s pop. Is there a way of having multiple keywords in the GENRE tag?

I should note, these are going to be played on an Android device and stored in a regular file iAnything will be involved in this process.

Thanks in advance!

You could check this thread:
add 1 more GENRE tag?

in general I would not use multiple tags as they are not standard and therefore it is not very likely that your player can cope with them.

I suspect this is the case. I tried \\ as a delimiter as well as ; and , but nothing worked. Honestly, I don't know a way around this--and it's something I would really like to have available.

Have you tried to add another genre field in the extended tags dialogue?
Also: how have you checked that it does not work? What does the result that you classify as "not working" look like?

I take the stance that I store the data in my audio files as if the players out there are (or will one day be) able to make use of it properly. The former is huge and ideally relatively permanent, while my current player/device changes pretty frequently - I don't want to go back and manually revise my data unless I want to, not based on my checking out new ways to listen to my music.

I then use MP3Tag's Actions to "export" my files with a dumbed-down tag set to handle the idiosyncrasies of a given player.

So I have fields like "singleAlbumArtist" "singleArtist", "singleGenre" etc. as well as custom "backup" fields of the corresponding normal multi-valued fields, and my actions can copy the data to the normal fields as needed.

I recognize this is more trouble than most people would go to, but put it out there in the hope of helping like-minded others.

I have not tried adding another genre field. Would that not cause problems?
My "not working" results are simply this: Whatever I name the genre field is what shows up on my player. So if I apply CLASSICAL\\ORCHESTRAL, that's what shows up in the player's genre. Ditto with CLASSICAL, ORCHESTRAL or CLASSICAL;ORCHESTRAL. It's simply a text string that gets scanned by the player software and not acted upon in any way. In other words, it creates a new genre, rather than using both genre types.

Has anybody ever had success with multiple genre fields?

No, adding another genre field with the extended tags dialogue is no more harmful than doing it with a separator.
The problem is, that hardly any program deals with initial separators in the same fashion.
e.g. WMP uses the ; and the / as a separator - so don't ever edit AC/DC in WMP, you will end up with AC and DC as groups.
iTunes ignores the ; completely.

So it A) depends on the player and :sunglasses: on the way you implement the multi-value field.
Please try it once for test purposes with the extended tags dialogue, display the file in your player and then have a look at the file again in MP3tag to see if the player has added anything.

You're asking the wrong questions, or at least in much too general terms, and perhaps in the wrong place.

Some players support multi-valued fields - besides genre, other candidates include AlbumArtist, Artist (track-level), possibly other fields where people are involved, least likely are sortnames and original artist).

Many don't support them at all.

Out of the ones that do, some require a specific separator between values in a single field, others require multiple instances of the same field - which is what MP3Tag is actually doing when you use the "\\" separator. Some, like SlimServer (now Logitech Media Server) will pretty much handle whatever you throw at it.

So if this particular criteria is important to you, the best strategy is to select your device/software accordingly.

Of if you feel you're "stuck" with a particular platform, research whether/how it supports multiple-valued fields, and if it's doable, then MP3Tag should be able to accommodate its needs.

If you post what specific devices/players you're targeting it's possible someone here will be able to help you learn their requirements, but of course you're more likely to get complete/accurate information in their specific support forums.

For the moment, some of these will be played on a Samsung Galaxy GIII mobile phone, others on an HTC Incredible phone and perhaps occasionally using some variant of Windows Media Player. I rarely listen to music at home--it's just something my wife and I like to have when we're on the bus/subway or plugged into the car, etc.

I was under the impression that everybody handled ID3 tags the same way;that they were standardized, so this is very much news to me.

You are right, there are standardized tag versions that rely e.g. on ID3v2.3 rules.
But these rules do not say anything about the handling.
Some players show you the BPM (e.g. Itunes but WMP does not) or the language (e.g. WMP does, but iTunes does not). Some employ special user-defined fields like itunescompilation which are ignored by other players.
And if you look at the ratings ... oh, no, better don't.
So you would have to find the best way for all your players to make something out of the data supplied by your source collection.
Or use MP3tag to create specific versions to be synchronized with each of the players ...

No, in fact most people actually conversant with what a "standard" is supposed to be consider use of this term wrt ID3 as a big joke.

The closest thing to an official enforcement body is the iOS/iTunes dev lounge at Apple HQ, whatever use they want to put a given field ends up a de-facto standard as they're the 800 lb gorilla.

If you want to keep your life simple with multiple devices/players, just implement single-values for the main half-dozen tags and if more is important to you keep the rest of your data in a real database.

To make use of complex possibilities you need to choose a sophisticated player and adapt your other workflow/structure decisions to its ways.

I'd suggest searching for Android forums where audiofiles hang out, and also BTW highly recommend avoiding letting anything written by Microsoft write to your tags, unless you've backed them up beforehand.

Hi, I just stumbled upon this thread and wanted to confirm that I've already tagged files with multiple genres, and it works fine with two music players I've checked with so far: MediaMonkey and MusicBee. So, Mp3tag does its job well, but most players (esp. mobile ones) do not support this I think.