Multiple write errors on network drive

I can't find an answer to this problem using forum search. I've been having this problem for the past few versions of MP3Tag and I'm growing frustrated with it. I have a very large music collection on a networked drive. Anytime I search for albums on MusicBrainz or Amazon and then apply those track names, numbers and cover art to my files, I get 'File "filename.mp3" cannot be opened for writing.' errors. The error is NOT for every file...say a 12 song CD could give 3-4 errors. I then have to repeat the MusicBrainz search like 3-4 times and apply the changes, with errors, until I get all of the 12 songs written to correctly. The first time I run the MusicBrainz or Amazon changes...maybe tracks 3,8 and 11 will give errors. The second time I reapply maybe tracks 4, 7 and 11 give errors. This means that track 11 still hasn't been updated. So I run the MusicBrainz or Amazon search and apply it until track 11 does not give an error. There are no 0 byte songs so that isn't the reason for error. The songs are not longer than 4-5 minutes and still give errors. The filesizes are no more that 7-8mb and still get errors. I run MP3Tag as administrator and still get errors. I've grown frustrated trying to manage a very large library with MP3Tag since this issue has popped up. I was hopeful newer versions would fix this issue, but no luck. Any ideas?

Sounds like the problem i described here:
and here (German):

Do you get .tmp files when this message comes?
Are you using foobar?

Not using foobar. I don't get tmp files. Just refuses to change random files so I have to redo the process a few times to get all of them done correctly. I'm guessing it has something to do with the speed at which MP3Tag accesses the files. Because they files reside on network drive, not local, MP3Tag may kick out an error when it doesn't get the result it wants in the time it wants. Just a guess, but that what seems to happen. Applying changes to local files is very fast. Applying changes to network drive files, the status bar moves slowly through each file.