multiply replace of the same name (filname)

hello and i'm glad to be here like a new member! :music:

i have many questions but i don't speak very well the english language (from greece) so maybe the questions are answered in another topic sorry about it...

i want to put an artist name in the file name but not only in one song but in multi songs

for example

(this are the original filenames)
black or white
billy jean
human nature
give in to me

(and that is what i want to do with one move)

michael jackson - bad
michael jackson - thriller
michael jackson - black or white
michael jackson - billy jean
michael jackson - human nature
michael jackson - give in to me

what do i have to do?

Open "Convert > Tag - filename" and enter:
michael jackson - %_filename%

very very very thanks man i'm so pleased!

and if i have this filename example

18.bad - michael jackson

and i want to convert it like this

michael jackson - bad

how can i do it?

have you got the tags filled? the "18" in the field track, "bad" in the field title and "Michael Jackson" in artist? If not, then do import the tags from the filename first (it is not much use to fiddle about with the file names only. Actually the filenames only have to be unique in any folder structure and do not say a lot about the track they store).
Use the function
Convert > filename - tag
and enter a mask that looks like this:
%track%.%title% - %artist%
You should get some feedback in the dialogue whether you got it right as the dialogue tells you in which field which part of the filename will land.

Then you rename the file with the function
Convert > Tag - Filename
using the mask
%artist% - %title%

Do learn from this proposal ...
reverse title filename to artist
Use the converter "Filename - Filename" with the proper masks.