Music App and Covers

I don't know if this place is the right one for my question but I'm gonna give it a try.
I use the MacOs Music app (manually organized) and the MP3Tag App.
With the MP3Tag App i consolidate the tags, number them and add Covers.
After doing so I can refresh the tags in the music app by deactivating and reactivating the edited tracks in the Music App.
Thats a no-brainer. But I couldn't find out a way how i could see the added artwork.
Even worse - when I use a intelligent playlist which only shows me tracks without artwork i see artwork. When I check files, which I edited previously with MP3Tag, the finder shows my the embedded artwork.
I guess thats not really a problem of the MP3Tag App, but maybe someone had the same experience before and could give me a hint?


MacOs 11.6
Mp3Tag Version 1.2.3 (51)

You need to have iTunes actually do a refresh of these tracks for any changes made outside of iTunes, like with mp3tag. There are a couple of scripts available online. I use one from Steve MacGuire I found many years ago, search for UpdateTagInfo. You may need to edit it to make specific changes to your iTunes library but it pretty much works out of the box.

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Thank you for your fast answer. I see that this guy got a ton of scripts.
Do you know the name of the script you mentioned?
And theses scripts are VBA scripts - so they are only for Windfows, or is this wrong?

Yes, UpdateTagInfo mentioned by @MotleyG seems to be for Windows only.

On the Mac, I'm using a very simple script which you can use with the Script on macOS:

tell application "Music"
	set sel to selection
	if sel is {} then return
	repeat with aTrack in sel
		if class of aTrack is file track then refresh aTrack
	end repeat
end tell

You can run it while having the tracks to be reloaded selected in

I think it was inspired by Doug's AppleScripts, but I can't find the correct source anymore.

Sorry, I missed this was for Mac. This is the link to the info that @Florian mentioned.

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Now I'm really lost.
I tried the script mentioned by Florian.
The Tags are updated, but it doesn't update the coverart.
I also tried the "Apply Embedded Artwork v2.0" script.
Buit it also does not have any effect.
Well, I migrated recently from a Catalina mac to a new M1 MacMini.
Might there be some kind of preferences or other (junk) files which prevent these kind of scripts to work properly? Maybe security settings? I'm not using any kind of Antivirus or stuff like "Clean my Mac".

Another weired thing is, when I set up a Smart Playlist, with automatic actualization, which should only show tracks without covers - some covers show up.

I'm having exactly the same issue... with a recent M1 Mac Mini. It occurs to me that the improved security hooks in the newer OS may be impairing the script and it's ability to work without some or other permission.

I'm going to go and try this on a High Sierra Macbook Pro and see if the result is different. I'll report success. If it fails (which I suspect it may) then at least there are two of us confirming the symptom and maybe someone else has another idea.

At least for me the provided script doesn't work out.
But what works is that if you update all information within the MP3tag App und drope the modified tracks afterwise to a new playlist the coverart is updated in the libraray. Even when the tracks are already in the library.
If this behaviour would be scriptable a wet dream would become true.

*update: After several attemps this behaviour seems to be random

Yes, it's definitely getting worse with from release to release. I had success with deleting the artwork database and letting it rebuild itself, but I don't know if I just got lucky.

! Use at your own risk and only if you have a backup !
— it's only tested on my Mac so far, not official advice, and highly experimental.

OK, if you've read the disclaimer above you could try on with closed

rm ~/Library/Containers/*
rm ~/Library/Containers/*

Now close AMPArtworkAgent via Activity and restart

It should then slowly rebuild the album covers.