Music genres

Hi! Nice, just discovered this topic. Maybe you can help me to find the right genres for my music.

First i listen to things like Hooverphonic, DJ Shadow, Unkle, Kid Loco, K&D, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Archive, 2Raumwohnung, 4hero, Air, Tosca. I simply called it "Elektro", because "triphop" is too narrow in my opinion. But with elektro i'm not really happy as well.

Second i like artist like Ben Harper,Tom Waits, Ani Difranco, PJ Harvey and older stuff like Nick Drake, Donovan, Melanie, Joan Baez, Carole King. I called it "Songwriter".

Third: things like Dead can Dance, The Mission, The Cure, Depeche Mode (older songs). Gothic? 80ies pop?

Gorillaz, New Model Army, Radiohead, Counting Crows -> i don' t know. rock? pop?

My recommendation: Almost any album by DJ Shadow.

What do you think of using genres AND subgenres?

What do you think of using genres at all?

Nice Topic. Go on !

Svlad. I had a remix CD of The Private Press called The Private Repress. That CD was bloody amazing. It came up missing though :frowning:

I also like many flavors of Electronic: Depeche Mode, Pop Will Eat Itself, Front 242, The Chemical Brothers. I really like some newer stuff, too. Kasabian and The Bravery are some of my current favorites.

I'm a sucker for Industrial (Skinny Puppy), Goth (Sister of Mercy), Progressive Rock (Yes), Oldies (Mamas & Papas) and pretty much any good music that shows talent.


I'm a great fan of agressive and depressive music genres. I grew up listening to Punk Rock, Metal and Rock.
As i grew mature i've been exploring the electronic side of music. I often listen to Neurofunk, Darkstep, Electro and Hardstyle to stir things up but when i'm tired or have a headache i balance with New Age.

I find it very hard to define myself with some music genres "per se".

I can't live without the following artists:

  • NIN (Trent Reznor)
  • The Prodigy (Liam Howlett)
  • The Gossip
  • Pantera
  • Dead Kennedys (Jello Biafra)
  • Fear Factory

...among lots of others... :slight_smile:


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I'm a big fan of hip hop and rnb most specially 90's hip hop music, like thr artists Tupac, Snoopdogg and etc...

I don't use them at all

I only use categories like "good for running" or "good for reading a book" or things like "RPG dungeon". And it's not mandatory for every track to be in any of my categories

Hello, I would add the following genres: Power Metal,Doom Metal and Glam Metal.


I do not like to use genre labels created by the industry

I could say scores, but that term is almost as broad as music itself

Now to what I do not like: 99.9% of hits from the radio / YouTube. Plus probably around 90% of what people not interested in scores somehow yet do know [correctly] as music [themes] from movies or TV series

So you listen all day to youtube and radio-stations in order to know what you don't like?


I avoid them but they follow me all of my life

I once worked in an office. 2 of 7 persons wanted to turn off the radio, 2 persons did not give flying ffff about it but 3 listened it to [without being able of course to tell what was played 10 minutes ago]. And so I ended with a more private room with that 1 other person who did not listened to the radio- finally we had no radio, just silence for work

I once worked in a super-market in the storage room; where there was no radio and no one was advocating for it. Almost every time I had to go the main hall [where the customers were] I had to hold my vomit inside me; especially during the winter holidays when all that crap like "Last Christmas" by Wham! was constantly played

Now I work in home and listen to only what I like

Unfortunately you cannot separate yourself from what you do not like when you use public transport, take a taxi, go for shopping, go to the barber etc.

I never ever turn the radio on. As for YouTube, I very rarely click on some video with hundreds of millions of views- to check it out. Sine the start of YouTube only one song I liked that way; and few others were like OK but not to my taste. And the rest [of those hits] was for me more or less like "Do people really enjoy such kind of musical abomination?"

Instead of getting into the genre variety, a word here about tagging them in your collection. This tag needs more and more care as your collection grows and varies. I have used MP3Tag for several years now to work on my fairly large collection. When I got to the Genre tag maintenance project, I found that I had over 200 different genres, including several different languages, misspellings, and such. The critical thing for me is to consider sort order in creating this tag. For instance, if I want Jazz or Folk or Rock, I may not quickly recall how the several sub-categories are scattered within the 200 major categories. I've frequently commented about depending on downloading public database tags, That may be a good place to start, but it often introduces pretty low quality into your files.

For instance, each of my main Jazz , Folk, and Rock categories have several subcategories, which for the sake of example only, are tagged as

Folk Axxx
Folk Hxxx
Folk Mxxx
Jazz Dxxx
Jazz Kxxx
Jazz Pxxx
Rock Mxxx
Rock Qxxx
Rock Txxx

These are so much easier to locate than if they are scattered throughout several pages of default sort order by category. I'm not aware of how this works out in various other languages, but the default in English of placing modifiers first causes this irritating default.

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I am omnivore. The music should be good in his genere^^^. But of course, I have preferences. Nearly in order of my taste (but it changes sometimes):

By orchestration: orchestral, concerto (violin, piano, winds, others), piano solo, organ solo, chamber; rarely other solo, opera, sacred works.
By era: romantics (including from 20th century too), viennese classics, impressionistes, baroque, others 20th c. (R. Strauss, Stravinsky, and so). NOT including all after Khachaturian -- classical music is killed.
By composers: Beethoven (6th!!), Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Grieg, russian Big Fives (Mussorgsky+...), Bach, Schumann, Orff, Vivaldi, Dvořák, Rossini, Strauss family...
By performers: Karajan, Rolla János + Liszt Ferenc Chamber Orchester, Tiffany Poon, Freiburger Barockorchester + cond. Goltz, russian state orchesters + cond. Svetlanov or Rozhdestvensky, cond. Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos, Mari Silje Samuelsen. And many others, of course. Excluding most of actual "big names" -- they only have name, not talent.

Easy music:
By genere: pop, disco, dance, german bigbands of 60s-70s, reggae (only the best! = UB40-style), swing and predecessors, rocks (RR, r.billy, laters), country, jazz (only partially, not typical "jazz for jazz" such "l'art pour l'art"), twist, latins, letkis, some others. NOT including actual, 21st century "music" -- rap, kpop and so on.
By performers: hundreds. Some of them, the VERY best: Elvis, Gigliola Cinquetti, ABBA, Boney M., Enya, Hamburg Audrey [Audrey Landers], Bee Gees, Sandra, Valdor Frank Orchester, Ment Jo Orchester, Shadows, UB40, Arabesque, Middle Of The Road, Luv', Pink Floyd, Tom Jones, Baccara, Ferrante And Teicher, Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers, Queen, Komár László, Pussycat, Chinn+Chapman (Sweet, Suzy Quatro...), Al Bano E Romina Power, Hause Alfred Orchester, Demis Roussos, Neoton, Jill Barber, Ricchi E Poveri, Louis Clark and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Roxette... And there are hundreds of, unfortunately, one-hit wonders, not included above (good example: this set).

^^^= I do not like english distortion of words. Genere, impressionistes and so on, are designedly.

On a side note

This remind me of my approach to naming titles of albums of score music [A concept for naming unusual score "albums"]. I rename and re-arrange them, so that I can look at a neat list that goes e.g.:

Blade Runner (Movie Score)
Blade Runner (Movie Score) (25th Anniversary Edition)
Blade Runner (Movie Score) (Esper Retirement Edition)

suspect my nic maybe a give away :slight_smile:

Passed a milestone today. Thanks to MP3Tag I have my Genre data down to under two hundred different values. My collection has reached 69,997 tracks and the tag cleansing process continues. Once I get the crap genres cleaned up then I can start on some meaningful things such as the sub-genres you describe. Unfortunately I still have 16 different genres having to do with Classical, quite a number pairs such as Jazz Vocal and Jazz Vocals, American Folk and Folk American, Rock Metal and Heavy Metal Rock. Many of the genres have required listening to the actual disc, comparing to other recordings, and or researching the music and artists online to see variety of opinions on what the values might be.

Does this ever end?

Never :rofl:

For the record, I am stuck in the 80s with most of my Hard Rock and Metal bands that surprisingly are still recording new stuff today.

No it does not

I have my own genres, mostly coded as numbers - and practically the same First World problem as you

The best sollution to it seems to be... wait for it... deletion of excess of music and acquisition of new music reduced to almost zero

You are right. I have started 'archiving' albums and tracks that I don't use regularly, but really hate to destroy them permanently. I have combined several collections that even include the digital library from a radio station, and several family members and friends. Of course there were duplications to deal with, but it has produced a great library. Right now I'm listening to 'The Sock Hop Collection' that I think is a Time-Life Records release. Great memories from my teenage years.

From our travels I have added albums from several other countries that feature their artists recommended by folks we have come in contact with there.

How do you remember what genre is behind the coded numbers? It's a novel concept.

Incidentally, you can find lots of the old collections online that have been digitally cleaned by DLF Music.

As I stated here

Those categories [i.e. "genres"] like "working out", "reading", "falling asleep", " are coded with two digits numbers. It is not that hard to remember them, especially when you skip some and group them thus use something like 61, 63, 65 and 72, 74, 75 with 88, 88, 89 [but not 62, not 71, not 81 and 82 etc.]

And those RPG-genres [RPG music categories] also have numbers but I display them with names [e.g. "dungeon", "cosmos" etc.]. But the numbers on them are also important because they are used by my cleaning action for putting them, with all of the others categories, in a predefined order [Moving part of TITLE to GENRE]. And "RPG" does not mean "just when playing role-playing games" but also when "reading a certain book" or "trying to illustrate a certain video"

I personally really find it quite pointless and way too much time wasting to wonder about "is this song hard rock and progressive rock or only progressive" [or whatever "legit" combinations you can think of / stumble upon]. But maybe that is more obvious to me as songs in my collection and tracks done by bands are less than 50%, with majority of the music being instrumental, mostly from various scores

And even my RPG-system seems to me sometimes as being time wasting. Because in the end all you need to know is:

  • mood
  • tempo [and if they are changes in it]
  • "modernity" [are the sound more electronic / futuristic or traditional / made with old instruments]
  • vocals [are the any words, vocalizations - or nothing i.e. just music]

I think we're just doing the same thing in different ways. Some of my categories are

Easy Listening
Big Band Era
60's Folk
Early American Folk
Classical Orchestra
Classical Vocal
Piano Concertos
Country Vocal

On thing that would be nice would be to make it easy to use the RANDOM feature but then to also play a complete orchestral work, for instance, once it begins instead of just doing random tracks.