Music player for Android that recognizes multiple GENRE tags

Can someone recommend an Android music player that recognizes MP3Tag's Genre multi-tag format? For example: If an album that has a Genre tag like 'Classical\Opera' I want the album to show up in the Classical Genre list and the Opera Genre list.

So far, I've tried Neutron and MediaMonkey with no luck. Both seem to ignore the second tag and use only the first. I'm using MP3Tag v3.01 in its default configuration.

The music player needs to be able to play both MP3s and FLACs

Maybe, the problem can be solved if you do not use multi-value fields but a single one that has separators in it.
See also

foobar2000 mobile should support that.

Thanks! It just worked (with not complicated setup).

Isn't that what MP3Tag does by default? It looks like it uses '\' for the separator.

Not, not really. You probably find this character in a column of the files list.
Have a look at the definition for "value" and you will probably see something
which means that the \\ are defined as separating characters but you could just as well take any other character. Foobar, I think, takes the semicolon as separator
The point I try to make: as there as so few players that actually the real multi-value fields, there are some players that interpret special characters in a single-value field as separator and display the items separated like that as individual items.
I know that e.g. WMP use the semicolon in ARTIST, GENRE, ALBUMARTIST and COMPOSER to create individual entries.
E.g. Stock; Aitken; Waterman would show an entry under A for Aitken, one under S for Stock and one under W for Waterman.
And all this without a multi-value field.
So it could be that there are other players around that do it like that.
And whatever the implementation would be: MP3tag can help you to set the right format.

In any case, I've been using '\\' (2 backslashes) in MP3Tag to separate GENREs, and Foobar2000 is splitting them correctly. Both are in their default/factory configurations and they work together properly, so I'm good! Thanks for clarifying.

BTW, that should have been 'Classical\\Opera' (2 backslashes). The editor apparently ate a backslash .

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