MusicBrainz: Screwed up result

The result for ALBUMARTIST for these releases is screwed up:

Is it the fault of the script or a faulty source?

This is a question of the script, if you use the expanded version(LyricsLover version) the album artist is correct. maybe they change the html or this is a rare version.

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My expanded script version is using the JSON answer format from MusicBrainz. The official MusicBrainz script is using the HTML answer format.

As @Romano already wrote, it could be that something has changed in one of the recent MB server updates displaying the HTML answer.

I'm not sure, but It could also be that this is caused by the displayed release artist name which differs from its current name "Ron Wood" and disambuigation:

It should be fixed with Mp3tag v3.14b and I'm thinking about switching to JSON too. The more optional elements the API gets, the more complex it gets to parse the XML structure.