My Export to HTML Configuration (for Viewing Lyrics)

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Latest Version is Version 0.7.
Updated May 18, 2011.

What it is:

The attached zip file contains my custom Mp3tag Export settings (.mte format) which create a single, compact and lightweight HTML file for archiving and quickly viewing the lyrics (%unsyncedlyrics% tag) to any song in your collection.

When you first open the output HTML file, your are presented with a list of all the artists in your collection, sorted alphabetically by the %artistsort% tag, if it is available, and if not, by the %artist% tag.

There is also a simple menu allowing you to quickly jump down the list of artists' names to any letter in the alphabet.

When you click on an artist's name, the list expands to reveal a previously-hidden secondary list of all that artist's albums. A second click hides the list again. The albums are sorted chronologically, by release year (using the %year% and %albumsort% tags, if available, otherwise the %year% and %album% tags). The release year is also displayed in the list preceding the album title.

When you click on an album's name, the list expands again to reveal a tertiary list of all the tracks on that album, sorted by %discnumber% (if available) and %track%.

The track title (song name) is displayed preceded by the disc number (if present) and track number, and followed by the track's %_length% in minutes and seconds.

However, if the track is part of a compilation album (as determined by the %compilation% tag), the track title will be immediately followed by the individual track artists' names in parenthesis. *Starting with Version 7, the track artists' names will only be appended if they are different from the album sort artists' name.

Clicking on a track title reveals the complete lyrics to the song (as recorded in %unsyncedlyrics%), a "Play Track" link to the audio file, and a "Back to the Top!" link.

At the bottom of the list, is a simple summary totaling the number of different artists, albums, and songs included in the archive; and "Collapse All" and "Back to Top" links.

Utilizes (and sorts collection by) the following tags (in this order):

%artistsort%, %artist%, %year%, %albumsort%, %album%, %discnumber% and %track%

Also utilizes or displays the following tags and information:

%title%, %unsyncedlyrics%, %_length%, and %compilation%

If you don't use %artistsort%, %albumsort%, %discnumber%, or %compilation% tags in your audio files, the list still builds correctly, defaulting to the %artists%, %album%, and %track% tags.

Does not yet show any other tags, such as Composer, Genre or Album Art.

The exported HTML file uses Javascript to Hide and Reveal content, so you must enable it in your browser for this to work, if you're the kind of person who turns Javascript off by default.

Make sure to change the filename setting in the beginning of the .mte to one of your choosing.

There is one variation of the original export settings now available.

This one does not include the "Play Track" links; as they only function on the same file system as the list was created from (or another system which also has the same files and uses the same folder structure). Use this if you want to email a list of your collection, with full lyrics, to a friend, or keep it on your iPhone. (1.23 KB) (1.24 KB)

[See below]

[See below]

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Regarding version 0.5:

I just fixed a horrible logic flaw in my original code, dealing with the Javascript links.

I had been using the names of Artists, Albums, and Songs to name the Javascript links that open & close the content of the archive. This was a bad idea ... as each link must be unique and if more than one song had the same name, or tracks from different artists were included on the same album, only the first item in the list with that name would have working links.

I've therefor changed the code to keep running counts of Artists, Albums, and Songs and use these counts to form the links.

This has no viewable difference in the output, except that there now is no danger of links not working. And the code actually becomes even more simple and light weight.

Plus, I am now able to include, at the bottom of the list, a summary of the number of artists, albums, and songs included in the collection.

Please update to Version 5 Version 6 if you are interested in this simple HTML lyrics viewer.

Regarding Version 0.6:

Minor bug fix for the following newly discovered scenario:

You tag a track as part of a compilation album, but don't use the %artistsort% tag.

Prior to this fix, if that track is the first track from the first album for that artist in the sort (ordered by year, then album), you'll see a blank item in the artists list (and no albums or tracks for that artists will be listed).

Fix restores my export settings' default behavior to always check if the %artistsort% tag exists before using it, and always defaulting to the %artist% tag if it doesn't exist.

Bug probably won't affect many people, but better safe than sorry, I say. (1.23 KB) (1.24 KB)

Regarding Version 0.7:

Made a few more changes 'under the hood', cleaning up the html code to minimize output file size (which is very already very small). Cosmetic changes such as tweaked fonts, line spacing, adding a background color, perfecting the column spacing for up to 999 tracks per album.

Should be easier for anyone to edit the colors, fonts sizes and spacing to their liking as it's all done with CSS now.

Changed the way I process Compilation albums. If the %artist% name and %artistsort% name are identical, there is no point to appending the track artists' name after the track title, since the Artist Sort name is already visible. If they are different, I still append the artist name in parenthesis. (1.37 KB) (1.35 KB)

New, Much Better Version Released. Now 1.0! New Thread!
Please go there, and continue to ignore this one. :stuck_out_tongue: