My first html-export

Here are some interesting exports that I created.
When somebody has an idea of a new export or when someone finds a bug, please post them!

I want to thank the following persons:
dano for request.

You prefer using pls lists and want one big list for your music directory?
Then just download this pls-playlist export and run it on your main-folder: (402 Bytes)

ALBUMLIST SCRIPT: (final) (last Update: 10-07-2006)

An artist-album listing that was inspired by dano and milka. The script offers many additional features like a link to the artist's homepage (when available) or a sorting without those nasty "The".

Scripts: (6.35 KB) (4.18 KB) (470 Bytes) (440 Bytes)
Help: (Recommended) (24.8 KB)

EXTENDED OVERVIEW SCRIPT: (last Update: 10-07-2006)

One big file which gives the opportunity to view all necessary and comfortable tags. You can view up to two different covers and you can even view the lyrics (when written in ID3v2). It also saves the naming of files you use via cookies and so you only need to configure it once in a while.

Scripts: (12.4 KB) (468 Bytes)
Help: (Recommended) (37.4 KB)

DECADE SCRIPT: (final) (last Update: 10-07-2006)

You now can view your albums and mixes sorted be the year they were released in. It's like the ALBUMLIST-Script and so it offers many importanf facts about your collection. You also get statistics for each year.

Scripts: (6.46 KB) (464 Bytes) (434 Bytes)
Help: (Recommended) (24 KB)

SIMPLE OVERVIEW SCRIPT: (final) (last Update: 10-07-2006)

A simple access to all standard infos and to some further informations of your cds. Like all the other scripts this one has some smart counters.

Scripts: (3.25 KB) (4.8 KB) (464 Bytes) (434 Bytes)
Help: (Recommended) (39.9 KB)

About usage:
Best download the attached overview files, as they are the help files. They offer some informations about installing and running the script. So they are the first adress.

Helps to know how a tag-field is correctly formatted are: & :book:

Look here for more information on how to change the playlist format in the exports. (464 Bytes) (434 Bytes) (402 Bytes) (24 KB) (3.25 KB) (4.8 KB) (39.9 KB) (6.46 KB)

Nice work, simple and fast.
Why is everything in english except tracklist header (Titel, Länge),
is it accidentally or...?

Didn't see that.
But corrected it. I was so happy that it finally worked so I didn't recognized that mistake. (470 Bytes) (440 Bytes) (24.8 KB) (6.35 KB) (4.18 KB)

I don't know if you know about this small bugs in your new html export, but have a look:

If file size is bigger than 9 MB (ex: 10.183,96 kB) in popup table (Technical Informations) column widths are increased.
Click on second track in tracklist in example and then on first track and you'll see.

Same thing happends when length is bigger.
Click on 12 track in tracklist in example and then on 13 track and you'll see.

Length (%_length%) is not always in minutes (min)
See length for last track in tracklist in example.

I will try to fix it. But I didn't thought in that dimensions. (464 Bytes) (434 Bytes)

Then sorry for bothering you, I like when Mp3tag makes everything automatically so I don't have to correct it in source of html (that's the future). :sunglasses:

Thats the spirit. :slight_smile:
I will check later.

Fixed again some bugs. All bugs that were mentionend till 11 AM are fixed and also some other bugs are now banned. :slight_smile: So re-download the script.
It's true that it's still buggy. :frowning:
And I'm already working on an overview script for all artists/albums so that you can easily access these detailed pages.

Some other updates on overall list.
The "The"-Feature is activated.

The "The"-Feature is really slow on large amounts of artists so don't get mad when the export takes some minutes. Therefore you get a correct sorted artist list.

The scripts also count the real number of albums. So when you have 10 artists with one unknown album each it counts them as 10 albums and not as one, because the 10 unknown albums maybe not the same.
When one folder/album only contains one song, you can directly play this one song by clicking on play. You don't need to load/create a playlist.


I have found two very small bugs.
"Explore Folder" in album overview doesnt work.
When i click on "List available" in "Involved People" table jumps up.

Maybe you should use padding for albums in "Music Directory List" for nicer view.

When you expand artist to get albums and go to some album, and then click "Back To Album List" to go back. Artist collapse, and then you have to expand it again if you wont to go to other albums from that artist. It's not so pratictical.

The mentioned bugs were removed and there is also some difference in the layout. I think that's it for this script. Let's build a new. :smiley:

I have created a new overview script. But it's still a beta version. The layout will change a bit as it is only a concept.
Please test if it shows the correct song informations, when you run it on huge folders.
By the way:
When you want to fill those empty fields (mostly on the second pages of each section), then hover on the field and you see which field is used for those infos (works only in Firefox). Those infos are only shown on fields, where the user can change the data by himself.

With the first export file you also get an action you can use to classify cds from various artists.

Simply run it on those albums and the export file will even better handle those cds. (468 Bytes) (12.4 KB) (37.4 KB)

Again updated the more complex script. It now has additional features.

Some minor bug fixes in both scripts and also some stylistic changes in the more complex script.

Updated all files. The scripts were modified a bit and also the previews and help files. So re-download the updates.

One new script and updates of the old scripts. There is also one other thing to go. :slight_smile:

It would be nice if you also supported the foobar standard for VA albums.
We just use the field %Album Artist% and set it to Various Artists or something else.

I'm also using %www% for the artist webpage, mabye you can add it, too?

I save some lyrics in my flac files and the UNSYNCEDLYRICS fied there has no language descirption ( like eng||) so your script cuts the first 5 letters from my lyrics, you could implement a check like this?

@ dano:
I updated all the files where those things come in handy. I used the filter that you wrote and I also added the other things. The scripts now first checks for an %album artist% and then for the other things. So it should sort correctly.
I also added the %www%-tag, but first it still looks for %wwwartist%, as this frame is really for the artist's homepage. Hope I added all the things correct and when not, simply post it. :slight_smile:

BTW: I modified the extended-script and it now takes about 16% less space. :flushed:
As a consequence the script now loads faster. The overviews will be updated soon but first I do some other fixes and changes (have to adapt the scripts in the things that were changed and have to get one standard)

Thanks, but you forgot <a href=" in the $if(%www% part.

I updated the export files again. Corrected that mistake and also some other things. Now they really should work fine.