Names With Apostrophes

Morning All

I have quite a few albums from artists that have an apostrophe in their surname. Once I have capitalised the MP3's the letter immediately after the apostrophe is in lower case, whereas it should be a capital letter.

Would someone please be so kind as to make an action for me whereas this can be performed correctly.

Before :- Daniel O'donnell
After :- Daniel O'Donnell

Thanking You


Hi Steve,

it's possible, please see this post from the FAQ :slight_smile:

Kind regards
– Florian

Thank You

You can define which characters define word boundaries in the dialog for the Case Conversion action.
Enter the apostrophe there plus all the other characters like space, punctuation etc.

I would be careful with that action and apply it really only in selected cases - there are artists around like
Maarten 't Hart
Ball 'n' Chain
Guns 'n Roses
The Men They Couldn't Hang

How about Mc or Mac without the apostrophe and the next letter should be a capital

Before :- Macdonald
After :- MacDonald


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