Need Help Saving Changed order for car USB

Hi MotleyG,

Just found this.

Music file Information

  • Sampling frequency: 8 - 48 KHz (MP3), 22.5 - 48 KHz (WMA), 8 - 48 KHz (PCM/WAV), 8 - 44 KHz (ADPCM/WAV), 8 - 48 KHz (AC-3), 8 - 48 KHz (AAC)
  • Bit rate: 8 - 320 Kbps (MP3), 20 - 320 Kbps (WMA), 8 - 12.3 Mbps (PCM/WAV), 8 - 352.8 Kbps (ADPCM/WAV), 8 - 320 Kbps (AC-3), 8 - 320 Kbps (AAC), 8 - 4.6 Mbps (FLAC, ALAC, APE, TTA, AIFF)
  • WMA version: v2, v7, v8, v9
  • Playable Codec Types: “MPEG-1 layer I, II, III”, “AAC”, “WMA”, “PCM (WAV only)”, “ADPCM (WAV only)”, “FLAC”, “ALAC”, “APE”, “TTA”, “AIFF”
  • Playable file format: “.mp3”, “.wma”, “.mka”, “.wav”, “.flac”, “.m4a”, “.ape”, “.tta”, “.aiff”
    Doesn't mean all that much to me, but it would to you. I'm still working out how to drive the bloody car let alone play with this stuff. It'll all work out in the end. Because of the number of files I want to put on the USB (2000) I need to separate the artists a bit and not have them play one after the other. That's the reason for the call for help.

Definitely a newer system. The additional tag info will help you I'm sure.

I don't know. It depends on the implimentiations of the software.
Anyway. Even a true random feature that always resets after each start will have played all songs after some time.

OK. I might have misled you on a couple of things. In the old car, which I bought new in 2013, was the first car that I had that had a USB connection. Much better than CD's. I found out that I was limited to 8 folders with no more than 255 files for each folder. So, I created 8 folder and put about 100 - 150 songs in each folder. For my ease of setting up, I deleted all the artists names and had just the song title. It created a bit of a problem when I had a number of songs with the same title. So, if I finished up with 3 copies of Moon River (all different artists) they would play consecutively. So what I did was add a letter in front of the file. AMoon River.mp3 ZMoon River.mp3 I left on alone so it played in the middle of the folder at M. When it played, it just went from folder to folder and then started again. This old USB drive works the same in the new car. It seems to recognise the folders in this format.
I just tried another USB drive that I set up with just 3 folders but it keeps on repeating the first folder.
I've taken up enough of you time with something I really don't understand so I think I'll just put all the songs on one file and randomise in MP3TAG and leave it at that.
One last question. Is there an EASY way to move a song from one position to another? Say 043 to 0672. This is in case I end up with two song or two artists playing consecutively.

You can press the Alt key while dragging a file along in the file list and release it at its new position.
This does not modify the position for the player though, unless you supply some sort cirtierion for the player so that it knows which track should be where.
I still recommend that you fill the tag fields - and if you have the basic information in the file names, then import it from there.
For files with the same pattern in the file name this can be done with just one run of the converter.
MP3tag lets you filter for files with missing information so that you only have treat those and not all over and over again.
II would think that with a brand new car it would be worthwhile to open a new dimension of the audio playback based on tag data instead of only on file names.

Thanks ohrenkino, I've just been organising the final list of songs and I'm about to fill the tag fields as you recommend. I'll let you know how it went when I've tested in the car. Thanks again.

Hi ohrenkino, Works like a charm. Keeps random order, lists artist and song, picks up where it left off.
Couldn't be better. The last car USB drive lasted for 10 years. If I stick to the same system, I'll probably be on the other side of the grass by the time it needs renewing.
Thanks again ohrenkino, I don't understandave much of this stuff and I wouldn't have done what you suggested in a million years on my own so your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to everyone else who contributed.

Hey, playing MP3 files from a USB drive in a car is a PITA. Cars don't have the ability to properly organize folders and files for playback from USB drives.

This is not a fault in the tagging, but a fault in the software written for our car audio systems.

I am not certain, but the way to organize MP3 files on USB for car playback may be to substitute numbers for folder and files names. You probably want to use padding to ensure track 10 does not play before track 2, and so forth. You lose the ability to recognize your data on the computer, but gain the ability to play stuff in order, or organize it by artist.

You might experiment by simply numbering folders and the files therein for a few albums, just to see how it plays back.

Hi 0LD3_DUDE, If you read back a bit, you'll see what ohrenkino advised me to do, which I did by the way, and it works like a swiss watch. Folders worked perfectly in the old car but not so much with this new car. I only used folders in the old car for ease of compilation. I didn't use any software, apart from Windows Explorer, to set it up last time. This time, because I'm using 2500 songs, it would take me a fair while to organise. Enter MP3TAG, and I randomised the whole shebang with the click of a mouse. Then ohrenkino showed me what to do from there. I now have a 2500 song file that plays with all the file names and artists etc. Brilliant.
Thanks for your input. I know bugger all about this stuff.

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