Need to know the reg exp for following

I want to convert my filename from 'Nothing Else Matters' to 'NothingElseMatters'.
What regular exp should i use to achive this?


For just one filename i would use the explorer.
if there are more files to be renamed, I am not quite sure whether a search/replace on the pseudo variable filename works.
If it does not:
format a custom tag with the name e.g. "newfilename" with %_filename%.
replace all blanks in "newfilenmae" with nothing with a simple replace action.
copy the value of newfilename into the pseudo tag %_filename%.
the FAQ
shows you how to copy values from one tag to another.

Action: Replace
Original: " " (without quotationmarks, just a single space)
Replace with: "" (without quotationmarks, just nothing)

you need no custom help fields and you can perform this action with as many files as you want.

The following calls of the $regexp() function give all the same result.
Nothing Else Matters.mp3

$regexp(%_filename%, ,) $regexp(%_filename%,\s,) $regexp(%_filename%,' ',) $regexp(%_filename%,'\s',)

... or use a standard replace function ...

$replace(%_filename%, ,) $replace(%_filename%,' ',)